Waves of dark sepia hair fall along either side of her face, falling just short of her shoulders with the true brunette hue of the strands only being revealed by the sunlight. Her features are soft, with a slightly heart shaped face, gently sloping eyebrows and a fairly straight nose that all complement her features thoroughly. Her lips are a bit thin for her face and her rich hazel eyes might seem a bit too wide for her facial structure, but both of these are made up by her inherited dimpled smile.


Lija can be considered a walking contradiction by some, mostly because of her parentage. While many would have thought her to become more like her mother, much like her older sister Aria did, but it simply wasn't the case. Neither did she become like her father, who actually left for a good portion of the young girl's life until coming back when she was already a teenager. No, she has become an odd mishmash of the two together to form something completely new. Those who look at her would think her to be sweet, kind, but looks can be deceiving. Lija is brazen, bold, somewhat outspoken and generally known for wanting to wrestle with wild untamed runerbeasts and make bets with the men than hang around and do "girly" things. As a child she enjoyed getting dirty and playing in the stables her mother ran at High Reaches, rather than playing with dolls or such similar things. To Lija, everything is a challenge that has to be met, regardless of whether it might be trying to drink more than a certain stablehand or attempting to tame a certain runnerbeast. Thankfully she does have enough sense to know when to stop, having been raised by a Weyrwoman, afterall. This doesn't stop her from doing these things, even if she does know when she ought to make some excuse to bow out. Some might not call this sense, but more trickery to allow her to win more bets or competitions where she might have otherwise failed. Lija's clothing sense is also a contradiction, considering the fact that her odd habits would most likely make people think she'd run around in rags or men's clothing. Having retained a little sense from her upbringing, she's often seen in fairly well made clothing with the appropriate amount of feminine detailing, but her childhood hate of "girly" keeps her from gaining anything too frilly.

At a Glance

Name Lija (Pronounced: Lee-yah)
Gender Female
Age 22 Turns
Hair Color Dark brown, almost black
Eye Color Hazel
Height/Weight 5'7"/Average
Position Jman Beastcrafter


Name Relation Location Position
Tylia Mother Xanadu Weyr Weyrwoman to Gold Solarith
J'cob Father High Reaches Weyr Rider to Bronze Orakath
Aria Half-sister
J'ak Brother Rider of Brown Cailanth
Yliaph Half-brother
Lily Niece (By J'ak)


Beneath the Abysmal Seas Brown Arkonuth
Splotches of encrusted lichen brown mottle the sloping back and haunches of this hulking brown hatchling, clinging to almost every crevice and dip along his smooth lines. Faint hints of a darker mud brown shade peek out from beneath the lighter varying patterns, trying vainly to pull free of their overpowering existence into some view over his hind quarters. Draping strands of moss green tinged bleached brown encircle his tail, smothering any darker color as it slides sinuously down the entire length until it pools at his spaded tailtip. Masses of barnacle browns and pock-marked splotches of grey-brown hold close to the bridge of his square-cut muzzle, marching steadily from the crown of his head right to the tip of his overly wide nose. Veins of charcoal brown begin to creep through the light, dispelling the motley collection of pattern along his sides, chests and feet. Along his underside, the darkness has completely taken over in the form of an expanse of deep untouched bark brown. Even the long sweeping wings falling elegantly from his back have been encased in shadows, their wingsails an unblemished shade of chocolate brown with the exception of a few ragged speckles of light clinging to his muscular shoulders.

Hatched April 15, 2009

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