Svelte is not a word to be used for this woman. She stands a few inches above five feet and is notably chubby. Despite her fleshy look, the rider's brown skin is firm and healthy, and her dark hair and eyes complement her skin tone. The young woman generally is found in pale colors, and wears skirts whenever practical. She wears the knot of a greenrider at Xanadu Weyr.


Lerta is from Telgar Weyr, where she was a seamstress. She was Searched while there, and was later transferred to Xanadu to stand for Kilaueth and Inimeth's clutch. Lerta Impressed Green Adanaith, though not without first being slashed in the leg by the awkward hatchling.

Before Impressing Adanaith, Lerta was a very haughty, conceited girl who was much more concerned with her social standing than in forming lasting friendships. Lerta considered herself better than Southern locals, as she had held on to the old prejudice between the continents. Since Impressing, however, Lerta has mellowed in regards to the Southerners, as her lifemate has shown her that all people are worthwhile. Lerta and Adanaith work transportation and delivery as part of the Comet wing, and in her free time Lerta continues to help out with mending. She has begun to finally make friends, aided in large part by her lifemate.

Recently, Adanaith has made a name for herself as an energetic flyer, who loves to pull stunts and has lead several males in a merry chase during mating flights.


Name Relation Location Position
Lortan Father Telgar Weyr Guardsman
Reta Mother Telgar Weyr Seamstress




Trouble Finder Green Adanaith

Pale sea green make the color of this dragon, from the tip of her tail to the tip of her nose she is colored a light green. Darker greens curl around her headknobs and down along her spine only until it splits ways at the fork in her tail. An average size for greens, her wings seem too small for her figure while her tail has a slight bend.


Lerta was created and is played by Moria of Xanadu Weyr. Please direct any inquiries regarding this NPC to her.

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