The gentle giant Belenus hails from Nerat Hold with an average family: A mother that is a seamstress and a father that works in the infirmary, both at the hold and proud parents of their only son. Wishing he was back at the Healer Hall, where he was an apprentice before being Searched by a visiting Xanadu rider, this candidate is known for always looking over his shoulder and expecting something to go wrong.

Belenus has been around from before Kilaueth's clutch had hatched, but it wasn't until the survival camp that this big quiet candidate was noticed. Standing a good six feet plus some, his muscles were definitely useful during the the camping trip, ready to lend a helping hand when needed. Not only helpful, his paranoia was made well aware as well when he was one of the first that voiced his concerns that they were being watched and followed, which didn't stop even after returning to the Weyr.

He was quiet on the Sands as Ellamariseth's eggs hatched, but he was surprisingly one of the the first few to Impress, as the Watching the Rain Green hatchling came to him, and he became L'nus, rider to green Evelyth.

Born: circa Turn 2661


Watching the Rain Green Evelyth
Dreary forest green, darkened with tinges of grey, drips down the sides of this chubby green, like dull raindrops, sliding over her shoulders and down her tail. Along her stomach, the hues are brighter, forest green still free from the clouds, the brighter hue stretching up along her throat, and brushing over her muzzle. While wings are hardly brighter than the rest of her, fern green spars cross over myrtle-hued sails, ridges holding the pent up fury of storm clouds as they race down her back.

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