Tall, blonde, and handsome are likely the first adjectives to come to mind when one catches sight of this man in his mid-fourties. Standing at well over six foot, his frame is thin - almost too thin in the eyes of many - but made of a wiry strength. Piercing blue eyes sit beneath prominent brows, framed by gaunt cheeks and a bony nose. However, the most noticeable feature of this man is the long, thin scar that runs down the entire right side of his face, curling under his jaw.


Little is known about the early years of Kefai's life - where he came from, who his parents were, and what experiences he had are all mysteries.

What is known, however, is almost more worrisome. Kefai, grown into a very charismatic and charming man - not to mention rather handsome, began to 'preach' as it were - about the perils of expansion, the forgotten tenets which would protect Pern, and that Thread will come again, and far sooner than anyone would believe. He amassed a rather impressive group, each of his followers leaving home and family to join him.

As the group grew, so did Kefai's influence. One wife became two, which soon became four, each under his complete control. The children were named after him, Keitari and Keiva amongst them, all with the same blonde hair and many with the same striking blue eyes.

In time, Kefai got bolder, and sought to extend his influence beyond his cave, and to the Weyrs themselves - after all, without their help, thread would fall unstopped across Pern. And so, a meeting was arranged with two women from Xanadu Weyr - and while the meeting did not go well, Kefai continued to plot.

His true power of persuasion, however, when unrecognized until this point - while its unknown what was said, with the only surviving witnesses unwilling or unable to talk about it, the bodies of his followers were found in the cave, all but Kefai's himself and those of a few choice wives.

Since the mass suicide in the cave, little is known about Kefai's location or activities. While it is assumed that he has been hiding out, rebuilding his follower base, the only one "sure" to be with him is his daughter Kate, the renegade Xanadu goldrider.


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