Keitari - who prefers to be called Kate - is the daughter of the missing cult leader Kefai. She, like her father, has blonde hair, though her eyes are a light gray which give her the illusion of being younger and thinner than she actually is.

Kate joined the Weyr after being discovered in the cave by a search party looking for further clues regarding the massacre of his people and Kefai's subsequent disappearance. Despite her initial reservations, she was eventually coaxed out of her protective crevice when she realized that one of her half-sisters was there, and Kefai was not. Returning to the Weyr, she settled in quite easily, joining in with the rest of the young teens once her broken leg finished healing. Unlike her half siblings, she isn't plagued with the same social problems, despite her life being spent in the oddly structured community as well.

Kate was Searched by Y'ki's blue Ecoatleth on the night of the meteor shower over Xanadu Weyr, and despite the reservations of some, she joined the ranks of the candidates. Since then, she's not caused a single issue, even seeming to get along quite well with the other candidates, particularly the group from the mountains who are rather unwilling to mingle with anyone else. And so, as the eggs hardening, she's just another white-knotted resident of the technological Weyr.

As Kate stood on the Sands for the hatching of Kilaueth and Hesketh's Eggs, there was a ripple of worry in many in the galleries - would she Impress? Would she be left standing? Keitari was calm through the hatching, even as the Crown of Candles Gold Hatchling came to her, and she officially became Kate, weyrling to gold Lusiath, and eventually the newest Junior Weyrwoman of Xanadu Weyr.

Much to the surprise of many, but not to a particularly Junior Weyrwoman who never trusted Kate from the start, shortly before graduation, Kate and her gold Lusiath disappeared while much of the area was blanketed with heavy fog. She took with her her two younger half-siblings, and as her disappearance went undiscovered for several days, the trail was already cold by the time a Search was organized.

In time, Lusiath appeared over Ierne Weyrhold, rising to be pursued by a right horde of males, before she caught by none other than X'hil's bronze Kinseth. However, they disappeared back into the wilderness, and as of yet, no sign of the gold or her clutch has been discovered.


Name Relation Location Position
Kefai Father Unknown Cult Leader


Crown of Candles Gold Lusiath
Pale candle light flickers, casting yellow shadows upon this small gold's body, setting the soft creamy-gold hues of her hide alight as they flow over her shoulders and haunches, spiraling down her delicate tail and limbs. Her sails are set into shadow, untouched by the flickering glow that seems to radiate outwards from each of her rounded headknobs, wavering hints of near orange touching her elongated muzzle, and the first of her dainty ridges.

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