A grizzled old man who looks like he might've been at Xanadu since the day it was founded. He's short, stooped, and thick as an old stump. He moves quite a bit slower now, but his wit and his humor are as keen as ever. More remarkable than his looks are the last three fingers of his left hand: they're missing, apparently due to some violence in the distant past.


While he was born and raised at Xanadu Weyr, the son of a blue and greenrider, Jub's worked in the Kitchens time out of mind. He's missing three fingers on his left and, and if asked, is more than happy to tell the tale: after all, those missing fingers are why he's not a dragonrider. Like many weyrbrats, he was eager to stand his first time around, but got distracted on the Sands and was bowled over by an unimpressed green. While he was trying to fend her off, she tore his fingers right off, crippling him and rendering him unable to Stand ever again. While that grief is long in his past, a more recent one still marks him. The green impressed to his best friend, and eventual weyrmate, who has recently gone *between* for the last time. But despite it all, Jub's still a cheerful man at heart, and has a kind word or a bit of encouragement for anyone he sees who is down. Especially Candidates.


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