Jorrel cuts a very clear, manly profile. Broad shoulders taper down to a trim waist, forming the illusion of an upside-down triangle. Muscles evident of long, hard work shape out his arms: burn scars the medal of a forge worker. This Smith’s build is primarily top-heavy, but he stands tall and only wide enough to bear his weight. An unruly mop of black-brown hair threatens to obscure vision in muddy brown eyes. His large, wide nose has been broken at least once. His skin, save for the scars, is a light brown: not pale, but too natural to be a tan.


The unwanted get of a green flight, Jorrel was raised in the bowels of Telgar Weyr. He doesn’t mind it too greatly, though, as he has never known anything else and he’s happy enough. He grew big, fast, and Telgar’s Smith soon had him helping in the forge. It was no surprise that Jorrel sought apprenticeship as soon as he was of age. Not long after, though, he found himself Searched. Having Stood at Telgar for a number of Turns (and become a Sr. Apprentice in the meantime), he decided for a change of pace and scenery – agreeing to go with the candidates transferred to Xanadu.


Green Mia


Jorrel knows nothing outside of Telgar Weyr and the forge, so he can be a bit naïve about the rest of Pern. He’s also best suited for manual labor and will happily trade a day nanny-ing or message running for things like repairs, cleaning, and the like. He has a green firelizard, Mia, that he cares for very tenderly – to the point of spoiling her.

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