In her early 50s, Johanna still looks younger than many of her peers. While her hair has turned to silver, her face still shows few wrinkles, and hard work with her runners has kept her thin and in shape. A relatively pretty woman, she prefers functional clothes, though is always dressed to a tee.


Lady Johanna is the younger sister of the Lady Masopia - Lady Holder of Keroon Hold. While her elder sister was confirmed as the heir to the plain Hold, negotiations were already in the works for Johanna. In her early twenties, Johanna and some of her prized runners were shipped off to Black Rock Hold in the south, where she because the wife to the Heir apparent Toban.

Over the turns, she found herself the mother to five daughters, and one young son who survived only a turn and a half - long enough for her plotting husband to begin marriage negotiations - and the lady of a busy hold. However, all changed when suddenly, she was shuffled off back to Keroon without a word, some of her husband's favorite runners sent with her, while her daughters remained behind.


Lord Toban Husband +9 T Lord Holder of Black Rock Hold
Joan Daughter -28T Married to Son of Holder of Pars Hold
Valda Daughter -30T Unmarried
Orabelle Daughter -31T Unmarried
Cassandra Daughter -33T Unmarried
Lelianna Daughter -35T Unmarried

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