His sandy-blond hair is often mussed as if he's just gotten out of bed. No matter what he does he can't keep the hair from sticking out at odd angles all over his head. A pleasant enough expression, albeit a tad shy at times, is always seen on young Jikmyn. His bright blue eyes are framed by long lashes, the promise of a young heartbreaker evident in the very way he carries himself. He's of slender build and perhaps always be on the lighter side. He's serious enough when it comes to his studies though, often times a textbook is in front of his face no matter where he's going to.

Dressed in rough clothing for the years of Weyrlinghood he's now been thrust into, Jikmyn still manages to look good. His deep blue tunic is streaked with slashes of purple along the sleeves and collar. Somehow the combination manages to bring out the blue in his eyes even more. Falling slightly past his waist, the tunic falls over a dusty brown pair of trousers, belted with a black belt and tucked into black boots. Perhaps he is imitating his good friend, M'kal, his laces aren't normal colored but a dark purple that manage to stand out against the black boots.


Jikmyn was born within the Harper Hall to a Master for a father and his mother who worked in the kitchens. Despite being raised around music his whole life, Jikmyn could never sing a note decent enough for apprenticeship, write any sort of music or even play an instrument. Unsure of what to do with the boy they sent him over to the Healer hall simply because it was close. They never expected Jikmyn to actually like it but it was a temporary solution, or so they thought. It turns out the shy lad was a shining sensation there at the Healer hall as he picked up on medical terminology as a fish to water. Impressed with his thirst for knowledge the CraftMaster decided to send him south, to the masters at Xanadu Weyr. There is where he met Mikal, the pair becoming quick friends. A mere month or so after his arrival he was lucky enough to be there when the eggs for Sahazyth's first clutch hit the sands. For the craft-bred lad it was the first time he'd ever seen such a thing and for days after it was all he could talk about, much to the amusement of those in the infirmary. This shy and quiet lad had already worked his way into the hearts of every healer assigned to Xanadu. It was no surprise then to them when a hyper blue insisted to Jikmyn that he Stand. The lad was so shocked he very nearly refused. However Damiseth has forgiven him for not wanting to be there for his birth. Jikmyn is now J'myn and will face the trials of weyrlinghood together with M'kal, the pair of them impressing blues together. The future is very bright indeed for this young man.


Name Relation Location Position
Myshyn Mother Harper Hall Cook




Starry Night Sky Midnight Blue Damiseth


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