NPC Jev'n


A sturdy lad with thick thatch of unruly brown hair and clear grey eyes that appear almost somber under dark brows and firm, usually unsmiling lips. Although these features may give hint to the character of the man he is yet to become, at age 12 turns his cheeks still have that rounded baby look to them.


Youngest son of Jossan, Ressac Beach Sea Hold, Jevan early showed a love for the sea and everything in it. He did well enough in Harper lessons, but his true wish was to be out on the dock or on the sea. Skilled at nets and mending sails, he was often on sort fishing trips rather than at his lessons. His quick mind kept him up with the classes, and at age 12 turns, had just been accepted into the Seacraft as an apprentice. The day he was to leave, he was searched and brought to Xanadu Weyr as a Candidate for the double clutch of Seryth and Solaith where he joined his older brother Zevan in the Barracks.


Name Relation Location Position
Jossan Father Ressac Beach Sea Hold Lord Holder
Zevlyn Mother Ressac Beach Sea Hold Lady Holder
Z'van Brother Xanadu Weyr Weyring to Bronze Areith



Written in the Heavens Blue Akyth
This dainty hatchling is cloaked in an intense, shimmering midnight blue that appears to have an infinite depth to it. Glittering eye facets shine starlit wonder as he surveys his new world. From muzzle to tailtip, a ghostly sliver haze traces the length of his spine. Sprinkled across shoulders and back, tiny points in varying hues appear to catch the light and twinkle with a life of their own as muscles ripple the hide underneath them. Spanning the delicate membranes of his wings, feathered pinks and greens cloud the twilight with a nebulous luminosity.

Hatched April 15, 2009

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