Young, blonde, and attractive. Jennabelle is a young woman whose confidence oozes and has a knack for getting what she wants. Hair is long and golden, not lacking in volume. One of her prized features, she's refused to cut her tresses during weyrlinghood and instead has found ways of bundling and braiding and lifting to keep them out of the way. Stylishly, of course. Her eyes are a honeyed hue of amber with green ringing her pupils. Lips are usually painted some subtle color, and it always seems as if her face is never with a blemish.

Her skin tone has gently bronzed with time spent outside, which only has proven to accentuate her attractiveness. Weyrlinghood has made her fit, though her feminine curves remain. Neither too fat nor too thin, she has a healthy figure that she is indeed proud of and has little problem flaunting in the correct season. She is from Ista, after all, where clothing is scant for good reason. Toe and fingernails are as well kept as the rest of her and are rarely seen without paint, usually adorned with glitter. Ears are pierced and are adorned with small studs during weyrling duties, though in the rare chance she does have the opportunity to doll herself up, flashier earrings are worn. With her always comes a hint of fragrance. Something light and pleasant.


Well, Jennabelle certainly didn't plan to land herself on Xanadu as a Candidate. Her lifelong plans were far more simple than that. Born into privilege, she knew little wants while growing up on Ista. Her family's booming business brought enough revenue that she needed to do little else but pout a bottom lip in order to get whatever her heart desired. New toys and a new pet soon developed to new clothing and shoes and jewelry in her teenage years.

Join a craft? Please, and ruin her manicure? Apprenticing in anything was far from her mind, although the girl did know textiles and fashion. Of course she did! She had to wear the latest Istanian fashions, else what would people think? And so she was happy to ride on her father's coattails until the day she couldn't. The day when that blasted brown dragon from who knows weyr came and Searched her for Xanadu's latest clutch. Why would she say yes? Well how could she say no when her father, always the businessman, could see nothing but profit from having a dragonrider in the business! Export without those troublesome travel and labor fees! And if she refused? Then of course she would be cut off, for if father is not happy, no one is happy.

And so it was with what she felt as little choice that she accepted her knot and was flown over to Xanadu to stand for Sahazyth and Orionth's clutch, not caring much for egg touching or the dragons themselves. But goodness, Xanadu did have some fine looking boys! It was them that her effort went towards, knowing it would end when the eggs rocked. And rock they did.

Wouldn't you know that she impressed? Color her surprised! Although she never wanted a dragon, her Impression to the emerald green Kanyeth was love at first pounce, and she now finds herself still at Xanadu with a new lifemate and a new name.


Name Relation Location Position
Thaddieus Father Ista Weyr Businessman



Jnelle is a very calculative young woman. She definitely is not stupid, though she plays the part of the dim-witted victim oh so well! The damsel in distress always has an agenda. Every word she says, move she makes, or giggle she laughs has a purpose behind it. Rest assured that goal is always going to be for her own best interest.

Is she cold hearted? Yes and no. Stand in her way and she can be the meanest bitch one could ever hope to meet. Hurting feelings is not above her, but she doesn't always go out of her way to be snide. Yes, oh she'll have to admit it's fun to prove herself witty! And yes, it is even more fun to tug on the hearts of boys and watch them flail so helplessly after her. It's so easy. But she does have a heart. She has problems. Worries. Insecurities. Weaknesses. They are just hidden expertly under a mask of light makeup and lipstick. She has room for friends, true friends, if she'll let them in…but finding the trust to do that is a barrier few have the patience to try to break.


If I Didn't Know Better - The Civil Wars (lyrics)

Fall For Your Type - Jamie Foxx (lyrics)

S&M - Rihanna

What's My Name? - Rihanna (lyrics)

Sweet Dreams - Beyonce




Title OOC Date Cast
Star Dreaming (Eltanin is Searched) September 06, 2014 Eltanin, Jnelle (NPC'd by Ka'el), Kanyeth


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