A teen of average height and build, Jaideen is not one to stand out of the crowd other than the fact that birds seem to follow her everywhere. Long, loose curls of strawberry blonde frame her face. Skin deeply tanned by the desert sun make bright blue eyes pop all the more.


Jaideen was born at Igen Weyr to Journeyman Healer Teague. Her father, P’gus rider of Blue Oiquaeuth, was scarce for much of her early life having little interest in a squalling baby or a fussy toddler. That’s not to say that he wasn’t around however, the man was there for turndays and once the girl was old enough there was the occasional father daughter outing. Somewhere along the line she took on the roll of a stablehand. She’s a scheming sort, with more than a touch of paranoia and – much to her dismay – birds seem to like her. Perhaps a bit overly so, trying to land and sit on her when she’s out of doors.


Name Relation Location Position
P’gus Father Igen Weyr rider of Blue Oiquaeuth
Teague Mother Igen Weyr Journeyman Healer



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