Ja'ken (Jadiken)


Jadiken's shaggy brown hair is in dire need of cutting. Hazel-green eyes sometimes can be seen through the unruly mop on his head. Sharp-angular features are softened by youthfulness, and the peach-like fuzz that is beginning to sprout. He has an oddly shaped birthmark on the right side of his face, near his ear and stretching down his neck a couple of inches.

His frame is lanky but solid, no doubt he will fill out a bit as he grows. He wears a faded brown tunic, a few dye stains blotching the material in places. A Woodcrafter Sr. apprentice knot flutters on one shoulder and a Xanadu candidate knot can be seen on the other. A well used knife hangs from his belt, which hold up a pair of tan pants that pair of well-worn boots peek out from under.

He was five foot ten inches before his fifteeth turnday, probably will grow a bit taller.


Raised near Bluefire Hold, Western Weyr area. Middle child of Jayne and Laura Cobb, both gifted woodcrafters. His father specialing in large pieces like tables, dressers and wardrobes with intricately detailed carvings. His mother in carving statuettes as well as blending stain-dyes. He grew up basically happy, Fighting with his brother they brothers are known to do, and looking after his little sister. Woodcarving is in his blood, so it was no surprise when he was packed off to the Hall. He earned the rank of Sr. Apprentice after a couple of turns. A few months after his seventeenth turnday he was searched by Mur'dah's brown Kalsuoth and whisked off to Xanadu Weyr to stand for Luraoth and Sharuth's clutch. I


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