Jerillian is one of Xanadu's own, the son of Kirilla (greenrider of Pheriannath) and bronzerider J'vry. Currently in his 18th year, the brown haired, brown eyed lad is rather tall and lanky, and standing for his third clutch here at Xanadu Weyr. Jerillian has been spending his time apprenticing to the tannercraft, spending his time at the Hall in between each attempt, though he has taken some breaks from candidacy to ensure he doesn't miss important craft opportunities, and he is likely to reach journeyman status within the next year.

Jerillian is a rather outgoing young man, enjoying causing trouble with his fellow teenage boys, as well as chasing after the girls of the Weyr. Thankfully, as a candidate and an apprentice, he understands the restrictions, and does little more than flirt, even if he does that a lot.

As Kilaueth's eggs hatched, Jerillian became unusually quiet, keeping mostly to himself as the hatchings hatched and Impressed, watching each in turn. His congratulations became more forced as the hatching went on, until suddenly the Nothing But Coal Bronze Hatchling was looking up at him, and he was deserving congratulations of his own. And so J'ril and bronze Destroth moved to the barracks, even if J'ril had a nasty lash from the bronze's tail across his shins.

Born: Turn 2661


Name Relation Location Position
Kirilla Mother Xanadu Weyr Rider to Green Pheriannath
J'vry Father Ista Weyr Rider to Bronze Leoth


Nothing But Coals Bronze Destroth
This hatchling is a very deep rustic reddish-bronze color. The color deepens towards his toes and then even further down turns to a bit of a deep red, like he's been walking around in a red wood stain. Along his spine runs a smoky gray stripe from the tip of his snout to his tail. His whirling eyes are set against this gray backdrop that covers most of his face save a tiny patch of red on his bottom jaw. The smoky gray color fades from where his wings touch his back into the bronzy red that makes up the majority of their color.

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