A sturdy young man with plain brown hair and brown eyes. He's generally polite, but sometimes a bit rough around the edges.

Born: Turn 2679


Born at Sagel Hold, a farming hold where his da grew tubers. He was searched, along with his childhood friend Kenid, for Yumeth's clutch, and was one of two to impress after the disaster with the sand destroyed many of the eggs.


Name Relation Location Position
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Muddy Footsteps Brown Kaidoth


Title OOC Date Cast
Hollow (Annex Egg Touching) August 20, 2012 Idrissa, Joss (npc'd by Soriana), Kenrid (npc'd by Soriana), Mikal, Sorrin (spoofed), Soriana, Thea, npc dragonhealers, Yumeth, Auspiraeth
Yumeth's and Maehwazeyeth's Clutch Hatches September 01, 2012 Danikan (npc’d by Kale), Idrissa, Joss (npc’d by Soriana), Kale, Soriana, Sorrin, Thea, Marella (npc), Muir (npc), Yumeth
Snow, Sand, and Stuff November 28, 2012 Idrissa, J'o (NPC)
In Which Things Are Said December 05, 2012 Idrissa, J'o (NPC), Jarse (NPC), Fl'ynn
Awkward Questions December 10, 2012 Datsun, Idrissa, J'o (NPC), Kale, Soriana
A Confrontation! December 11, 2012 Idrissa, If'an, J'o (npc), Kale, Izzuth, Kaidoth (npc)
Running to Bed December 11, 2012 J'o (npc), Kale, Kaidoth (npc)
Hopping to Chores December 12, 2012 Idrissa, J'o (npc), Kale
Crashing a Party December 12, 2012 Datsun, Jessi, J'o (npc), Kale, Maeve, Soriana, Thea, Zahleizjah
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