Jammar is the son of Pallifa from Ista Weyr: A woman who Stood on the Istan Sands since she was fourteen Turns old and just recently Stood for her last attempt at just short of thirty Turns of age. This also happened to be Jammar's first time on the Sands as he'd just barely come of age after the Clutching. Candidacy with his mother has had a lasting effect on the lad. Such was this effect that when the lad learned that many Weyrs accept left-over Candidates from other Weyrs, he contacted Xanadu and requested to Stand for their double Clutch. Thankfully, his mother couldn't think of a reason to follow him to the new Weyr and the lad seems to be enjoying the experience greatly, despite the Chores.

At Ista, Jammar was often suspected of being the source of the tunnelsnake skins found under blankets or rotten eggs beneath the cots in the Barracks. Nothing was ever proven, and no pranks were sprung during his first Candidacy, but the lad was seen near the area before each discovery. Generally, he was "changing glows" at the time.


Blue Kranith

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