While the goldrider Elia has been spending the majority of her time at Benden Weyr - though she does pay the occasional visit to Xanadu to visit family and friends - her brother J'lien has been a consistant fixture at Xanadu with his bronze Atolath. And so, to many it wasn't a surprise when J'lien deposited two boys bearing a striking resemblance to the dark haired, dark eyed rider in the candidate barracks. While the two boys, nearly 18 now, claim to be twins they share only a father and close birthdates, though they were raised together and have even apprenticed together.

Jollen, son of Lena, is a bit more level headed, and is often left to pick up the pieces after his brother's escapades. He's a quick study and is enjoying his time in the beastcraft as a Senior Apprentice close to promotion, even now helping with the Weyr's herds during his candidacy.

After having to watch his brother A'en Impress the brown Viskith as Kilaueth's eggs hatched, Jollen was a bit dismayed that his wild brother was the one to Impress, and now be living in the barracks. However, all was made right when Ellamariseth's eggs cracked, and the only bronze of the clutch made his way to Jollen, and J'len became the lifemate of This Is My Name Bronze Laseoth.

Born: Turn 2661


Name Relation Location Position
J'lien Father Xanadu Weyr Rider to Bronze Atolath
Lena Mother Xanadu Weyr Senior Journeyman Baker
A'en Half-Brother Xanadu Weyr Rider to Brown Viskith
Elia Aunt Xanadu Weyr Junior Weyrwoman to Gold Branwynth


This Is My Name Bronze Laseoth
Pale shades of rusted copper swirl around this overly large bronze dragon, with patches of brighter polished bronze running along the spine. His face is broad, large just like the rest of him, with pale gold brushed along to accentuate his roundness. The rotund body is supported by thick pillar-like brazen legs that ends in large onyx talons. Speckled along his massive wing sails are the same bright bronze that traces the ridges, tops the headknobs, and highlights wingspars. This monstrous beast nearly always appears bloated by the belly that hangs around his middle and the shorter tail that follows behind him.

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