Candidate Name: Issanleri Gender: Female
Age: 16 Turns, 4 months, and 12 days Position: App Herder
From: LAN
What You Should Know About Issanleri (WYSKA):
A tallish girl, at 5'8", and with a boyish build. Her hair is a very pale silver-blonde, almost white, which goes well with her very fair complexion. She'd be pretty, especially with her shapely brown almond eyes, but she has perhaps the worst fashion sense in the Weyr. She seems to dress in the most unattractive clothing she can find, as if she'd deflect attention with her self imposed ugly attire. It might work, if she didn't insist on outragous color combinations, usually involving black and orange. If you were to describe her in OOC terms, she's one of those tomboys who tries hard to be intentionally 'grungy'. Originally from Lewis Hold, she's been an apprentice Herder since she was 12, and is actually pretty good with animals. It's people she has issues with.
Impression Preferences: Green Blue Brown
Injury OK?: Yes
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Brown Nabath

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