Iolenda is a tall girl, slim and somewhat pretty, though she doesn't exactly show it. Her build as late displays the lean muscle that most candidates develop, but she's not built for bulk, or even really much muscle; it looks odd on her. The girl is modest in curves, still lean in youth but not exactly a stick. The set of her angular chin is firm and her dark brown eyes serious. Her face is slightly angular, with high cheekbones and a proud nose, framed by straight black-brown hair. She moves slowly and carefully and keeps her head high and shoulders straight, as any good holder girl should!
Len favors cool-colored clothing; and almost always dresses or at least skirts. Skirts have been the norm since she was searched, as they allow for better range of motion while doing chores, generally speaking — but her skirts spill to the floor, more often than not. She wears a silver chain with a small amber pendant as well as a thin braided wire bracelet on her left wrist.
Iolenda appears to be roughly seventeen turns old.


Len was born the second child of a prosperous cotholder near to Tasmic's cothold, about half a day from Ressac. The second born, she became the first when her older brother caught one of the childhood diseases as many young children do. She was raised every bit of a lady, with the personal tutelage of a journeyman harper — shared between a few cotholds in the region, but she always relished her thrice-weekly lessons. Her cothold was not as hidebound as many, and she learned to read and write at an early age, as well as various other useful things that any young lady who might one day have to run a cothold, however small, would need. However, after several turns of bad luck, when she was ten turns old, her mother finally gave birth to another child; a boy, named Daleon.

Iolenda finished her schooling, and settled into the routine of helping her mother with the new baby, who was quickly followed by two more; first a girl, who her mother named Tialen, then a boy, who took on the name of his father, Iondan. The arrival of one of her cousins when Len was fifteen cleared her for taking on a task other than babysitting; she took on with the hold's nannies, though, for lack of anything else she'd ever known. Things would change soon after, however.

Though the atmosphere was full of turmoil, and not a little wariness, a greenrider from Xanadu came winging down to the cothold one morning. He asked for all of the young people in the hold to be lined up outside; Len took her place among the group as she was asked. However, she was not fated, as most of them, to remain behind. His pretty green quickly plucked her and one of the younger boys of a neighboring family out of the lineup, then her rider asked if they would be willing to come back to the Weyr. Eventually, the family agreed that she could go — and so she did.

The girl was not quick to acclimate with the Weyr, and has not to date spoken to anybody louder than a quiet murmur. It seems her customary tone, or would be, if her customary tone wasn't 'silent'. Indeed, she could almost be taken for a mute except for around the very few she has decided that she is friends with. One of them, Riyontali, she seems to have taken to quite strongly, and they are fast friends, with the younger girl bolder while her accomplice is more careful and less prone to doing insane, stupid things.


Name Relation Location Position
Lenase Mother Cothold near Ressac Cotholder
Iondan Father Cothold near Ressac Cotholder
Eondas Brother Cothold near Ressac Deceased
Daleon Brother Cothold near Ressac Holdbrat
Tialen Sister Cothold near Ressac Holdbrat
Iondan Brother Cothold near Ressac Holdbrat





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