Griselda is a woman in her mid-twenties, with straight brown hair framing a slender face. She is that rare oddity, a skinny kitchenworker. She wears brown colours most often, in bold patterns, such as stripes. On rare occasions that she wears jewellery, she wears a large pendant and a snug bracelet.


Griselda was an only child, with an only parent - her mother had died as a result of complications during labour, leaving her clueless father to raise her. She spent much of her childhood in the kitchens, as he was a chef, and wound up looking to Isabet - X'hil's foster mother - for 'motherly' advice more often than not. She was a quiet kid, the particular brand of quiet that merely hides a deep undercurrent of mischief and trouble from the disapproving grown-ups.

She was sixteen when she started experimenting with brewing her own ales, having been drinking them for several turns already. She never really had a steady weyrmate, but she and X'hil spent a lot of time together as teens, having practically grown up together, and sharing the experience of a missing parent. Though they never made it an official relationship, she and X'hil have had several closer moments, the last of which landed the then twenty turn old woman pregnant, with twins. She got to experience single parent life for the first three turns of their lives, as X'hil was completely unaware that he even had children, and had not left a forwarding address when he disappeared off to Ierne.

After X'hil's return, Griselda found herself with a little bit more free time, so she's begun experimenting with alcohol again. The latest experiment was a booze-filled meatroll, which inadvertantly got pinched and eaten by a firelizard, getting the poor little guy a bit drunk.


Name Relation Location Position
Inelda Mother -deceased- -deceased-
Garris Father Xanadu Weyr Chef
Grahil Son (with X'hil) Xanadu Weyr Toddler
Grahilda Daughter (with X'hil) Xanadu Weyr Toddler




Griselda introduces Grahil and Grahilda to X'hil.
Griselda takes Grahil and Grahilda home...
Griselda and X'hil bring the twins to the gardens.

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