Fortinos is or well could be a cute looking kid if he wasn't such a mess all the time. His semi-long raven black hair is nearly always in disarray, the tight curls going every which way. He just tends to forget to brush it and so it often mats and snarls. Somewhere in that mass of hair is a pair of dark-blue eyes. His skin tone is light brown and tends to compliment his other dark coloring. He's just a little tall for his age, and has a willowy build to match.


Fortinos tends to be very rash and irresponsible, a trait he seemed to have inherited from his father. He has a tendency to be quick to anger and just as quickly retaliate in some form or another without thinking through the consequences. To had to the mayhem, he as a tendency to be absent-minded as well. While he should be concentrating, his mind will be off in it's own little world.


Fortinos was the result of a summer time fling when Parlivos spent some time helping out in the fields. It was during this time that his father was Searched. It was a couple of turns before he found out he had a son. It was another couple before he remembered he had a son he'd been meaning to visit. And so on a whim, he invaded the Bluefire Hold, bearing gifts for his son and some as well for the woman he had had a pleasant interlude with. He also brought his weyrmate, greenrider T'man. And so began the off and on relationship he's had with his father and various mates of various genders.

His mother taught him farming, as well as some baking skills. Both of which Bluefire hold was happy to utilize, especially during various feasts. He had a knack for learning it all, but just as often he'd forget what he's learned as he went off on some wild boyish adventure with his beast friend Gimeki.


Name Relation Location Position
Hyline Mother Bluefire Hold Jman Farmer
P'vos Father Ierne Resident



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