The five candidates brought in under the cover of night have slowly, and only slightly, been integrating themselves into the Weyr. The two girls and three boys - all blonde haired and scrawny - have slowly begun to reveal a few details about themselves to the few that would listen. For whatever reason, they have found themselves particularly drawn to Kate, and the young candidate has been seen ushering them around the Weyr, showing them this and that. Rumor has it, though, that when the proclamation went out that there would be no more Sands or Galleries visitors until announced differently, they breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Faila is the oldest of the bunch at fifteen and a half, and has become the most outgoing. Its was her that first opened up, admitting that they are all from the same, rather remote cothold in the Southern Barrier Range. The cothold is made up of a number family groups, though they all share some similar background from the past 100 turns. She is also the one who is most reluctant to stand, as she had an arranged marriage at home, but she's at Xanadu to fulfill her duty to the Weyr - as scared as she is to do it.

Faila was the first of her little group to catch the attention of a hatchling as Kilaueth and Hesketh's eggs were hatching. In tears, she was clinging to those next to her, when the lightly colored Silent Snowfall Blue Hatchling nudged her and told her not to cry, because he was there. Stifling her tears, she clung instead to her new lifemate, and Tuyeth and Faila soon made their way to the barracks.

With the disappearance of Kate, many eyes turned to Faila, to determine what her reaction would be. Despite the closeness of N'tor and Kate, Faila was merely upset as a result of the scrutiny it placed her siblings under, rather than that Kate was no longer there. She has however, done what she can to help find the young goldrider.

Born: Turn 2664


Silent Snowfall Blue Tuyeth
The softest hues of baby blue settle lightly upon his shoulders and back, his wingsails and his headknobs, like large soft snowflakes forming a fluffy layer. Light blue touches his chin, his neck, a soft chill present in his coloration, as sky blue stretches across his wings, coloring his belly. Even his talons show the chill as they are a rich royal blue, the same richness peeking through on his wingspars and his ridges.

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