Generally, when one comes to see a new niece or nephew, the joy comes in cooing over the new baby, spending time with your siblings, and enjoying a break from work. Even if you prefer to make said sibling's life absolutely miserable. For the tall, gangly, green eyed Eraniya, youngest sibling to Xanadu's wingleader Senkyou, it became even more joyful when Dulacth informed her that she needed to stay at Xanadu, and stand as a candidate. The seventeen turn old practically cried at the offer, eagerly accepting.

At the moment, she's been settling in with the other candidates, though the majority of her time has been spent trying to 'help' her sister. A sister who she finally convinced to come to the Hatching after a long day of pleading.

It seemed none too soon that she got Senkyou's agreement, for as Kilaueth's eggs were shaking, Eraniya was on the Sands and Senkyou was in the galleries. And thus, the older brownrider was lucky enough to see that her pestering sister would be less able to pester, at least for the time being, as the Turn Up the Heat Brown Hatchling was turning up the heat on Eraniya. Excited the teen, now Erani, headed for the barracks with her new lifemate Todraith.


Name Relation Location Position
Ellenku Mother Tillek Hold Master Weaver
Sarinyan Father Tillek Hold Seacrafter
Senkyou Sister Xanadu Weyr Wingleader with Brown Dulacth
Selirn Sister Tillek Hold


Turn Up the Heat Brown Todraith
Pale oak mingles with antiqued mahogany as the warm wood hues are carefully joined to form the hide of this young dragon, crisscrossing bands creating stick-like patterning across his hide. Shadows seem to peek through here and there over his large body, the base of the fire built up, allowing the warmth to spread from the very tip of his rounded muzzle to the end of his branch-like tail. Upon his wings, bright flames of orange flick upwards, following his wingspars, before the are cascading down over the sails like an open fire threatening to char him into dust.

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