Wavy hair of a dark raven black covers the teen’s head, while sky blue eyes consider the world around him. He’s not exactly tall, nor is he exactly short, turning out somewhere in between though he is a bit on the heavier side. A few too many drinks in his time perhaps?


Eior was born to a harper woman by the name of Nerys at Lemos Hold. His father, J’ech rider of Green Oseith, was actually quite a loving man and spent as much time as he was able with his son around his own duties. And so it was that son of harper and rider became quite a loving man himself – a love of ale, wine, and women alike. That could very well have been what led the boy to become a Vintner in the first place. He’s quite the serious flirt, but he is a loving one if a bit overbearing.


Name Relation Location Position
J'ech Father rider of Green Oseith
Nerys Mother Lemos Hold Harper



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