E'gin is an NPC belonging to Thea and RPed by her now and then. He's fun! If you'd like a scene with him, page her.


While definitely a male, it seems most of his hormones never quite kicked in; the man is not only slender of build, but slight of stature. And he can't grow a beard to save his life. Oh he's got a few faint whiskers on his upper lip and the center of his chin, but that's about it. His black hair, cut short to feather around his head, is silky-fine and shiny, dark blue eyes framed by impossibly thick eyelashes only add to his youthful appearance. He still looks a lot like a teenager despite his 30-something turns on the planet. Only large hands, knobby knees, gangling feet and bobbing adam's apple help folks discern his masculinity.


Delgin was born and raised in Rubicon River Hold. He is the only child of Delmar and Arin. Delgin attended Harper lessons with the rest of the Hold young people and was doing very well, especially in the art classes. He showed such a keen aptitude for drawing and painting that at the age of ten turns he was fostered to a couple in Xanadu Weyr as the nearest place having a Senior Journeyman Harper specializing in painting. He's been here ever since and virtually grew up here.

When he wasn't busy with classes or chores, he spent most of his time hanging around the docks with the Dolpineers or over in the caprine pens, stables and kennels. Searched at the age of twelve turns, it's forever been a mystery what the Searchrider's dragon saw in this timid animal-lover and despite trying to hug the dragonets at both Kilaueth's and Ellamariseth's hatchings that he stood for, Delgin managed to avoid any injuries. More surprisingly, however, was the fact that he found a lifemate on the sands - the Wistful Ocean Blue Mazunth.

Life's hard knocks haven't seemed to mature his unrealistic view of life, either. Impressing Mazunth brought with it the shock of finding out dragons don't eat salad. As soon as his dragon had mastered hunting for himself, E'gin took to absenting himself from the feeding grounds when the blue eats. He can't quite block out the, shall we say, intense satisfaction Mazunth shares via the mind link. It's those times he's a visitor to the Wandering Wherry, where an understanding Beldar will have something strong on hand to help him tolerate the demise of a living creature so that his lifemate won't die of starvation.


E'lgin is a tad mixed up about some things. He is particularly sensitive, some would say too sensitive, in his regard for living creatures. He thinks everything has a right to live. When he was very young, and first heard the old stories about how dragons flamed Thread from the skies, he was heard to remark, "Poor Thread." And don't get him started on Tunnelsnakes! Reasoning doesn't seem to work with this young man. No matter if the critters are dangerous or destructive, his line of defense for them is, "Well, they can't help it, that's their nature."

He's painfully shy around girls, apologetic around guys. Quite used to and understanding of the laughter and perhaps taunts he's recieved over a lifetime for his aesthetic outlook and sensitivity to all things living, he's developed a bit of a stutter and a patient aceptance - and perhaps expectation of forth-coming ridicule. Not that it bothers him or gets him down; he simply doesn't take offense. They just don't get him, that's all.


Wistful Ocean Blue Mazunth

Navy blue covers nearly the entirety of this blue dragon, stretching from his rounded short muzzle to the short thick rudder-like tail. Moonlit speckles are gently and sparsely scattered around the ridges and knobs, outlining the eyes and moving down in a faint dusty trail to the tip of the tail. His build is all sinewy and stretched out, rippling with teal and silver streaks of calming waves all along his body. With the build of a swimmer, his streamlined wings arching from his back are of a frothy flotsam and jetsam, a whirlpool of color and capped with sterling claws that match the talons at the end of his powerful limbs; each leg lightening from navy darkness to a more dawning pale blue.


Title OOC Date Cast
A Search and A Fallout July 28, 2012 E'gin, Idrissa, Kale, Tsenik, Wakua
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