Dirty blonde hair, always messy, is chopped to her chin, curling around full, round cheeks that are always touched with a bit of a blush. Not yet having grown upwards, she's still shorter than many of her peers, her pretty brown eyes, however, guaranteeing that the attention comes to her sooner or later.


Dreia is the second daughter and second child of Airen and Re're, and is only now beginning to come out of her shell. Years of being coddled at Western by parents and grandparents alike let to the girl never needing anything, nor needing to ask for it, as it was given to her well before then.

Since her parents moved her siblings and her to Xanadu, however, she's slowly beginning to learn to ask, learning to talk, and learning to interact. She even seems to be making some friends her own age.


Name Relation Location Position
Re're Father Xanadu Weyr Rider to Brown Saenkarith
Airen Mother Xanadu Weyr Rider to Green Romasseth
A'ar Half-Brother Xanadu Weyr Weyrling to Brown Turinth
Saire Half-Sister Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
A'li Half-Brother Xanadu Weyr Weyrling to Blue Najimeth
Aidrea Sister Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Derin Brother Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat

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