Wiry of build and short of stature, Denil has yet to hit that growth spurt coveted by preteen males everywhere. A mop of rough-cut near-black hair brushes dark brows and is oft shoved back from impish, thick-lashed eyes of brown. A faint sprinkle of freckles dusts his cheekbones and nose on a complexion impossibly fair for someone who has spent the majority of his time out of doors in the elements. Blame youth, great genes, the mountainous Fort area's weather tending towards cloudy, rainy skies or all three; he's a cute kid and someday will be a handsome man.

Den'l looks to be about 12 turns old.

Born: Turn 2680


Den'l is still young enough to cry angry tears when frustrated, but he's nevertheless got a tough-guy exterior, refusing to give in or admit defeat - this is to his peril when it comes to bullies. Full of puppy-dog energy, Den'l is often the instigator of mischief yet carries an innate ability to avoid being caught. On the surface he's chipper and friendly, sometime flippant while hiding his deeper feelings underneath the surface.


Den'l's home was in the mountains above Fort Hold where his family herds ovines. He was born in the rough camp his family used for a summer home and before being searched for Seryth and Romth's clutch, he'd never been anywhere beyond Fort Hold, where his family only visited once a turn to attend the summer's largest gather, where they traded wool and stock.

Search, one could say, was sheer happenstance for this young lad. Bored with sitting atop the boulders keeping watch while the sheep grazed, Den'l (then Denil) decided to build arock-fall trap and so busy was he piling armfull-sized boulders braced with a lattice-work of branches and sticks that he quite forgot about the sheep he was supposed to be watching. The flock wandered over the next rise while Denil, eyeing the product of his labor, decided to trigger the thing, quite forgetting that doing so while standing in front of it wasn't really the wisest of moves. But trigger it he did and by yanking the rope to the supporting branch the entire pile of rocks tumbled forth, free to careen down the slope - and towards the now-running Denil. The thunder and dust of the avalanche, not to mention the yelping Denil was doing AND the now-stampeding sheep attracted a dragonrider just leaving the Fort area. Young Denil was scooped out of harm's way by the bluerider and the rest, as they say, is history.

It could be said (but that is likely because Denil was very good at not getting caught for his mischeif) that Candidacy at Xanadu Weyr for the herder lad was uneventful. Thankfully they never pinned the temporary shut off of life support while on the Candidate feild trip to the Yokohama on him or he might not have been on the sands to be found by Tehath.


Name Relation Location Position
Dennavan Father Fort Area Herder
Hannila Mother Fort Area Herder
Hanah sister Fort Area Herder
Vilah sister Fort Area Herder



If You Build it They will Come Blue Tehath


Title OOC Date Cast
Mr. Clean March 24, 2012 Denil Inuelle Esiae, Kinzie
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