D'rrin may currently hail from Xanadu Weyr, but he was once of Tillek. Firstborn and only child of a fisherman and a girl who worked down at the docks, Darrin grew up learning to tie seaman's knots and learning how to fish. At 15, he got his first exposure to Weyrlife, arriving at Xanadu Weyr as their newest candidate. Flummoxed enough by being picked out of a crowd at Tillek Hold, he was further confused when at the hatching, a glassy green nudged him in the midriff and declared herself to be D'rrin's Farnath.

The pair made it through weyrlinghood without incident, settling into the search and rescue wing afterwards. Farnath's maiden flight was startling for the holdbred greenrider. No amount of talks in weyrlinghood fully enabled him to understand the experience until he lived through it. Barely eighteen at the time, he wasn't confident enough to approach any of the girls that he thought were pretty in passing. So when he woke up the next morning to find Ishavti next to him, he was somewhat taken aback. She was pretty, smart and laughed a lot. He liked that.

Several Turns together made for a happy weyrmating between D'rrin and Ishavti. They didn't produce any children between the two of them, but were content together. At least, they were until the arguments started. She left him, he was exasperated and frustrated because he wasn't sure what he had done wrong, and Farnath and Aishenth weren't exactly on speaking terms, either. After thinking on it for a few days, he went to Niva and put in for a transfer to Ierne Weyrhold, only just ushering in a candidate on his way out. Perhaps a change of scenery, he figured, would do him - and Farnath - some good. In time, however, he made his way back to Xanadu - it is, after all, home.


Green Farnath

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