NPC Calyn


A pale complexion and rather wan expression wash the face of this gal a milk-white. Watery blue eyes, pale lashes and faint freckling across her slim nose do nothing to add color to her face. Her strawberry blonde hair hangs limply down the side of her face, creating an elongated look to her features. Tall, she appears stretched out and rather bleached, much like a faded garment on wash day. Calyn is 14 turns old.


Living in Crom hold all her life, Calyn tended to blend with the rest of the children tumbling about the hold. When she didn’t show any promise in Harper lessons, nor any real affinity for a craft, she was assigned to general chores and most often ended up in the laundry room. Set to mend clothes, she proved skillful with a needle and was encouraged to train with the weaver craft. It was while at Weaver Hall that she was searched and brought to Xanadu Weyr for the double clutch of Seryth and Solaith.


Name Relation Location Position
Benyn Father Crom Hold Herder
Calyri Mother Crom Hold Kitchen Help



From the Shadows Blue Chupath
This small blue is compact from tip to tail, an economy of form and motion with no spare lines. His muzzle is short and blunt, with razor sharp top teeth protruding visibly even when his mouth is closed. Small eyes would likely be described as beady were they not the typical draconic whirl of colored facets, shadowed by overhanging eyeridges beneath stubby headknobs. His neckridges are so sharp they are nearly spikes, arrowing down his muscled neck and almost to the spade of his strong, lean tail. A wash of nearly consistent grey-blue covers his leathery hide, the slate tones melding easily with stone or shadow. Subtle whorls of paler cornflower and darker granite emphasize the ripple of muscle and leave him to blend into invisibiltiy when still, while the flare of his small wings are all cloud and fog.

Hatched April 15, 2009

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