Caitlin is around 5'6" tall and a little overweight, which is probably the result of eating too much while working in the kitchens!

Born: circa Turn 2665


Caitlin is easygoing and loves to gossip, but she is also very kindhearted and cannot stand to hear people talk down to others. Caitlin was Searched by Lerta and green Adanaith for Kilaueth and Nyunath's clutch on 2683.12.12. Caitlin had been taking food to Niva from her post in the kitchens when the green dragon decided that Caitlin would make an ideal candidate. Caitlin accepted Adanaith's request to Stand and has found her life very different with all these candidate lessons and new chores taking her away from her friends in the kitchens. Caitlin did not Impress at that clutch, but found her lifemate when Seryth's clutch hatched a few months later.


Blue Kadrenth

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