A lifetime resident of Xanadu, C'con knows the ins and outs of the weyr like the back of his hand. Once an avid mischief-maker, there isn't a back alley he doesn't know, a secret entryway he hasn't explored, but alas, turns have done as they are wont to do and have made him a solid and serious man. This would be objectionable, if only he weren't a relatively good one. Though by and large unwilling to compromise on what has become a well-rounded set of morals, he is open to social developments and willing to make not only exceptions, but changes if viewpoints can be presented in a way that makes sense and does not in any way seek to harm the lives and livelihoods of others. As Xanadu's Weyrlingmaster, he is even-tempered bordering on aloof, keenly interested in the care of his charges, but not to the point where it might stifle the emergence of their own combined personalities. He tends to pick staff of a similar mind, those willing to shepherd, educate, and share the accumulation of experience without stooping to insult bright young minds with coddling, overbearing attentiveness.

Or maybe he just finds chicanery to be amusing, and rewards the precocious by letting them run rickshaw with inadequate supervision. He'll never tell.

Playby: Mads Mikkelsen

Engulfing Gyre Green Charybdth
The darkness roars. Midnight green is limned with forboding depths of the blackest black and the sickening verdant of a storm-poisoned sea. Whorling in a vortex with splashes of angry froth is the Engulfing Gyre Green, eyes spinning madly, agitated. Hesitation is not her way - she is a slow and steady force, moving in the lithe manner that clearly assures you that there is no escape from her darkest depths. Though age has made her less catastrophe and more a reckoning waiting to happen, there are still times when the floodwaters of her mind will rise, spinning hard and fast, threatening to tear unwelcome thoughts away on a rising tide. As a minder of weyrlings, she is surprisingly patient, willing to explain and reexplain a subject to those who might need to help - and quickly squelch the bad behaviors of those looking to act out.

Inspiration: Charybdis

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