NPC Beline


This dumpy lass can blame her appearance on her tendency to eat sweets and nothing else. Crisp black curls frame a rather pretty, round face and laughing brown eyes. Short of height, the rest of her is rather plump although at 18 Turns of age she calls it baby fat claiming she will one day outgrow it.


As a child, she was always at her father's feet as he worked in the Keroon kitchens, a proud member of the baker craft. As she grew older, her father would let her help here and there, and she would often proudly display her little loaf of bread or new cookie to anyone in range. And so, it was no surprise when at the age of twelve she formally became a Baker Craft Apprentice. Surprising, however, is when she was asked to return to Xanadu Weyr with visiting riders, to stand as a Candidate on the red and white sands of the Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Eben Father Keroon Hold Journeyman Baker
Bolin Father Keroon Hold Archivist



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