Average in most ways, Balana isn't one to stand out in a crowd. Dirty-blond hair is tied up in a braid behind her head, often curled around into a tight bun. Her face has plain, ordinary features and dull hazel eyes. Carrying a little more weight than most, she isn't quite athletic. She has a distinct lack of curves and tends to dress more boyishly than most.


Balana was born in Ista weyr, the daughter of a green rider and her brown rider weyrmate. She grew up in the weyr along side her brothers and sisters until she turned twelve. After standing for one clutch on Ista's sands, she left the weyr to seek out training in the tech-craft. After spending two years in Landing, Balana was placed under a journeyman in Rubicon River Hold. Having thought she'd left weyrlife behind, the girl was surprised to find that a visiting dragon wanted her to stand at Xanadu. With some trepidation, Balana agreed, although she seems intent on continuing her craft training even while juggling candidate duties.

After receiving a series of strange letters, threatening that if she didn't give up her duties as a crafter in favor of some mysterious someone, Bala put her concentration into standing as a candidate. Regardless of who had sent the letters, she found her special someone in the form of green Phaselith, and for now, her crafter days seem at an end.


Balana is a bit of a dreamer. As a child, she once dreamed of being a rider like her parents, but after being left standing, that dream was buried. Now, her dream is to learn more about computers and make the world a better place by understanding the techology of the ancients. When she isn't pouring over information at a terminal, she'll often spend time in the gardens or quiet places. Friendly but not too social, she has a small group of friends and tends to stick with those she's most comfortable with. She has a dogged sort of determination which keeps her working at one thing tirelessly, sometimes after others have long given up.


Fearsome Swift-footed Green Phaselith
Dark, distressed tones of the darkest forest cling to a drawn-out muzzle. Small spots of lighter, spring-green peek through the dark to highlight the dragon's cheeks and the tops of her head knobs. A lighter, almost sickly, splotchy shade of yellow-green encircles her neck, fading again into the darker underbrush of her hide as it touches her shoulders and belly. A strip of myrtle, darkest green, marks her neck ridges and then extends down along the length of her serpentine tail. In contrast to the rest of her nearly midnight toned coloration, the webbing on her wings is a lighter. Like sun-caught moss splotched over with a few drops of tawny, the colors mix together to give the impression of patterns as they move. She is no dainty or demure creature like some females, but instead carries a broad chest, powerful legs, and a keen, watchful eye.

Hatched April 15, 2009

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