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Born: Turn 2640


The man is tough as nails. He doesn't take any BS. Most of his known existence at Xanadu has been gruff and serious. The man hardly makes a joke and he holds everyone to high standards. Off duty he is aloof and quiet and barely able to hold a conversation not related to weyr duties. On duty, the man is a perfectionist. His emotional range is very minimal. He goes from disgruntled to disappointed and that's about it. He isn't easily flustered and keeps a tight lid on his anger. The one area that lights a spark in him, good or bad, is talk of his weyrmate and children. He has great pride in his family and will defend them if necessary.

Leadership Style

The man's leadership style is of no surprise to anyone. He is a task-master and micromanaging is his game. Failure is not an option. If someone makes a mistake, it could cost a life, and so his punishments are stern and long lasting. He runs the wing on a three-strike you're out basis, known to de-wing a rider for poor service. Even minor screw ups are major in his eyes. However, he promotes excellence. He gives quality riders more time off, more pay in their pockets, and the good shifts. If you're stuck on night shift, you're likely on your last legs with the wing or in deep water with the Wingleader. He has yet to pick a wingsecond due to his perfectionism and no one being able to live up to his standards. However, everyone in the wing is cross-trained to take over duties should something happen to him.


B'rdian took over Galaxy when K'ael left the position and has fiercely held onto the responsibility for Turns since. Prior to becoming the wingleader, this man had spent several Turns with Galaxy as a wingrider, and before that he spent time with Quasar and Comet - an undistinguished service record with each.

B'rdian impressed when he was in his early twenties, to a green dragon named Kasuth, out of a hatching in Xanadu some thirty Turns gone. He had come from a dragonrider parent background and had always been aware he would impress, it was just a matter of when and to what dragon. While most were surprised at the green's choice, Beyardian, as he was known then, wasn't. He always had an infinity for the smaller more agile of the dragonkind.

Outside of his profession, B'rdian has had two serious weyrmates during his lifetime in Xanadu. The first lifemate he took soon out of weyrlinghood and to one of his clutchmates. The weyrmating lasted for about six Turns until the relationship was ended on mutual terms. B'rdian didn't weyrmate with anyone for another fifteen turns, not until his early forties would he again see fit to settle into a relationship with another person. His personality alone has caused many a person to turn their interest elsewhere.

Luckily, he caught the eye of a gal who was plenty turns his junior. B'rdian had quite the fascination with her and eventually was able to get her to weyrmate with him. From there he had four children with her, which has caused her to move to Ierne Weyrhold where she can better care for her children and not be responsible for Weyr duty. He constantly sees her still to this very day and all his children, with all his financial gains and otherwise, going direct to her. Rumors say that the woman was just a gold digger and wanted an easy ride through life, since she no longer has to 'work' due to his support. Although if you ask B'rdian, he swears by her and would do anything to keep her happy.


Name Relation Location Position
Hahrianna Weyrmate Ierne Weyrhold Resident
Beyan Son Ierne Weyrhold Child
Jyianna Daughter Ierne Weyrhold Child
Rhianna Daughter Ierne Weyrhold Child
Chayasha Daughter Ierne Weyrhold Child


Green Kasuth

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