At 5'8" with a light build and round face, B'miel is nearly the opposite of his half-brother, both in looks and temperment. Short blonde hair and sea green eyes are his most noticable features, though his friendly smile is a close third. There's something about him that seems to suggest he never quite left his teenage years, despite being in his late twenties. B'miel makes friends easily, but tends to be a bit flaky. He more than makes up for this with an endless supply of enthusiasm (and booze). Never one to miss a party, no matter where on Pern it may be, he somehow manages to drag S'tan along most of the time. Once, while at Fort, Verzth rose to the surprise of a number of partygoers. B'ky's blue Avideth managed to catch her, and B'miel found he rather liked the soft-spoken Fort rider. The greenie moved to Fort Weyr soon after, and the two were weyrmates for a number of turns. However, B'ky's tendency to always be away working eventually ended their relationship, and B'miel returned to Xanadu, and resumed his attempts to socialize his elder brother.

Recently, when he heard that B'ky had moved from Fort to Ierne for a vacation, B'miel was off to try to lure the bluerider back. He won't say what happened while he was absent in Ierne, but when he returned, B'ky came with him, and the two seemed, for a short time, to have have rekindled some of their relationship, although they didn't claim to be weyrmates again. Unfortunately, the same problems that led to their separating the first time eventually led to a second falling out, this time with much shouting and heated words (mostly from B'miel). In the end, B'ky returned to Fort, and B'miel seems to have lost much of his cheer.

Favorite color: green
Dress style: casual
Talents: computers
Craft: apprentice ComputerCrafter


Name Relation Location Position
S'tan half-brother Xanadu Weyr Nebula Rider
B'ky former weyrmate Fort Weyr Roc Wingleader


Delicate Dancer Green Verzth

This dragon is average in size for her kind, with wide, delicate wings and well-proportioned limbs. Her color is nearly uniform, the green spreading smoothly and evenly over the majestic arch of her long neck, out across her body, to the very tip of her tail. The solid coloraton does not waver, though in the right light there may be a slight paleness to her membranes. Her snout tapers gently down to her nose, though the muzzle may be slightly shorter than most. Her multi-faceted eyes are small and luminous, and her rounded headknobs are set close behind the narrow eyeridges. Creamy talons, curved and sharp, complete the nimble feet, and provide the only true variation in her coloring.

Verzth can be almost as flighty as B'miel, but is generally the more level-headed of the two. She has a short memory, even for dragons, and tends to be very detatched when it comes to those she doesn't know very well.

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