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Analita is a tall woman with very sharp, severe features. Her long hair is brown and her eyes are the same. Many a young man has, out of her hearing, even called her 'horse faced'.


Analita has toured each weyr's Sands at least once. The girl was never really Searched, either. Her mother is a greenrider at Ista Weyr and wanted her only daughter to be a rider as well, so with a bit of fenagling, Analita was Searched. The girl had Stood and been left Standing for 5 Turns, since she was just barely old enough to be upon the Sands. Everytime she was left, she posted out to whatever Weyr just had a clutch laid upon the Sands. It brought her to Xanadu. Whenever she was unable to move on, she served as a Nanny at whatever Weyr was at.

It's usually swiftly obvious why Analita took so long to Impress. She's a very unsubtle and petty woman, often outright mean to others. She's incredibly self-centered and it's rare, if ever, that she will think of others. Convinced that she was destined for a gold, she refused to even Touch an egg that wasn't rumored to hold a gold. Whenever she's was left Standing, she held her head up high; if there was no gold in the clutch, that was her reasoning. If there was, she was swift to denounce the dragonet, pointing out any and every flaw it may have.

When Analita finally did Impress, it was to a green who's beautiful voice caught her attention and drew this self-centered woman to look outside herself.


Green Jessiath

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