A cherubic little girl with brown hair and turquoise eyes.

Born: Turn 2693


It's difficult to have much of a history when one is so young! A child of a mating flight, Alicendrea lives with her mother in Xanadu, but is cared for primarily by nannies of the weyr. Her story is the typical one of weyrbrats: An unplanned pregnancy by a father who truly has little desire to settle down. Oh, he's around. Every once in a while. The face of a stranger that gives her things a few months out of the turn, only to disappear just when things start becoming familiar again. Though her mother does love her, she is young. Sixteen turns Allie's senior with a life too fun and full be paused due to a child. And thus, many a time has Allie been left under the care of her dutiful grandfather, who has no intention of raising a child alone. Plus, being a tanner, his days are filled with work, and so the young and queerly quiet child usually finds herself under the care of the weyr nannies or anyone else that grandpa can find to do the job.


Name Relation Location Position Age
Ahala Mother Xanadu Green Rider +15 turns
Thallis Father Western Blue Rider +25 turns
Bo Grandfather Xanadu Tanner +41 turns




Title OOC Date Cast
Mud and Moppet December 04, 2012 Alicendrea (NPC by Kale), Briana, Idrissa, Kale, Soriana
Simple Machines December 27, 2012 Ahala (npc), Alicendrea (npc), Bo (npc), Jethaniel
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