A'li is a fairly average teen, with mousy brown hair and brown eyes. He seems a little shy at first, tending to hang around with his siblings usually. His clothes are several times too big, his foster mother favouring the 'you'll grow into it' method of dress. The belt is a permanent fixture, without it his oversized pants would be around his ankles. The other thing he wears almost all the time is an oversized riding helmet, which bobbles about on his head as he moves. It looks to be older than he is, but very well cared for. His knot is that of a Xanadu Weyr weyrling, with a strand of dusky blue.

Born: Turn 2666


Xaliyan was the product on one of Xvetaoth's flights, his mother the green's rider, Xylaihl, his father… unknown, at the time. He, like his siblings, was fostered away, joining his older brother Xahil - now X'hil - and older sister Xyala under Isabet's care. Life was fairly uneventful for the boy.

He's dabbled in artistic areas, for a time apprenticing to the glasscraft as a potter, and then to the harpers, and even spending a while as a smith apprentice, where he made a simple set of bracers for his sister. Like his older brother and sister, he was searched as soon as she came of age, on his twelfth turnday, but, like his older sister, he's yet to impress. He was really only searched the once, and chose to go back to his search for a craft immediately after the hatching, deciding he'd only stand again if he was also asked again.

He was asked again.

The rider who searched him was Re're, of brown Saenkarith, and it turned out the recently transferred man had visited Xanadu at least once before, about fifteen turns ago. The fourteen and a half turn old boy didn't connect the dots, but his mother did, and it was revealed that Re're was the boy's father, and that helmet the boy took everywhere was something the man had left behind after the flight. It was an awkward revelation, to say the least.

He impressed the Chaos is a Wish Blue Najimeth, sired by Saenkarith and Solarith.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Zanya Maternal grandmother Hold near XAW Holder
Xhail Maternal grandfather Hold near XAW Holder
Reia Paternal grandmother Trader caravan Trader
Desas Paternal grandfather Trader Caravan Trader
X'ayn Maternal uncle Telgar Weyr Rider Blue Belth
Zhaila Maternal aunt Xanadu Weyr Beastcrafter
Xylaihl Mother Xanadu Weyr Rider Green Xvetaoth
Re're Father Xanadu Weyr Rider Brown Saenkarith
Xaspia Older half-sister (Xylaihl) Xanadu Weyr Crafter
Xezzara Older half-sister (Xylaihl) Xanadu Weyr Crafter
Xalansho Older half-brother (Xylaihl) Xanadu Weyr Crafter
X'hil Older half-brother (Xylaihl) Ista Weyr Weyrleader Bronze Kinseth
Xyala Older half-sister (Xylaihl) Xanadu Weyr Candidate
Aidrea Younger half-sister (Airen; Re're) Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Dreia Younger half-sister (Airen; Re're) Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Derin Younger half-brother (Airen; Re're) Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Xylan Younger half-brother (Xylaihl; L'ton) Xanadu Weyr Child
Grahil Nephew (Griselda; X'hil) Xanadu Weyr Toddler
Grahilda Niece (Griselda; X'hil) Xanadu Weyr Toddler



Chaos is a Wish Blue Najimeth
The appearance of this small blue is interesting, to say the least. Physically, he's long, slender, almost serpentine in nature, with a long muzzle that comes to a dull point, a long neck, and a compactly muscled body. His wingspan too is impressive, and would be more than twice his length, easily, if his tail weren't quite so long. In colouration, he's a dusky blue, fading near to grey at his tail tip and feet. His wings are a rich tapestry of royal purple velvet, the bold colour quite striking against the muted blue of his body. Wingsails are trimmed with the purest silver, matching his similarly coloured headknobs and talons nicely.


Xaliyan is Searched and Finds a Father
Najimeth hatches

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