While the goldrider Elia has been spending the majority of her time at Benden Weyr - though she does pay the occasional visit to Xanadu to visit family and friends - her brother J'lien has been a consistant fixture at Xanadu with his bronze Atolath. And so, to many it wasn't a surprise when J'lien deposited two boys bearing a striking resemblance to the dark haired, dark eyed rider in the candidate barracks. While the two boys, nearly 18 now, claim to be twins they share only a father and close birthdates, though they were raised together and have even apprenticed together.

Andalien is the elder by less than 24 hours - his mother Andae being the first in the infirmary. Andalien is the troublemaker of the pair, constantly getting into mischief, talking back to his superiors, and leaving a trail of broken hearts in his wake. His lack of focus means that while his half-brother has moved on to become a Senior Apprentice, looking to soon become a Journeyman in the Beastcraft, Andalien is still wearing his simple Apprentice knot.

Come the hatching, many were expecting Andalien to be left standing while his brother left the Sand with a new lifemate. Surprisingly, however it was Andalien to whom the Sugar and Spice Brown Hatchling went, and after a moment to brag, A'en and Viskith left the Sands to begin their new lives as Weyrlings.

Born: Turn 2661


Name Relation Location Position
J'lien Father Xanadu Weyr Rider to Bronze Atolath
Andae Mother Xanadu Weyr Senior Journeyman Beastcrafter
J'len Half-Brother Xanadu Weyr Rider to Bronze Laseoth
Elia Aunt Xanadu Weyr Junior Weyrwoman to Gold Branwynth


Sugar and Spice Brown Viskith
Butter and cream speckles this little brown's wide and chubby face, his short muzzle and large whirling eyes always having a strange hatchling appearance even after he is full grown. Ridges and knobs are rounded down smoothly, unlike the more ragged ridges that decorate all the older dragons. Dark chocolate covers the rest of his face, melting down his his thick neck and towards broad shoulders and chest; dark cocoa that contrasts against the brighter freckles scattered on his muzzle. The rest of his body is plump yet musculature, with a short stubby tail that is streaked in lighter syrupy brown and his large paws, as if still growing into them, are dusted with powdered sugar.

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