Dragon Coloring Book

The following lineart drawings have been made available for players here at Xanadu to use for making images of their own dragons. Please, when using art that others have drawn, give them credit whenever possible. These drawings are for the use of XANADU WEYR PLAYERS ONLY and are not for general purpose use elsewhere on Pernworld or on the internet.

When using these images, it is best to download the file and color full-size. After you've finished, re-size the drawing down to about 25-30% of the original to get a web-sized image.

Lineart by R'owan


Lineart by Phylicia


Firelizard Art by Ontali

The following firelizard artwork requires the use of GIMP or a similar paint program which uses layers which can open GIMP files. To download this, please right-click and 'save as…' : [File]. Some examples of finished firelizards are below, more can be found Here.



The following is a list of Xanadu dragons who do not have a colored piece of artwork for their pages. Anyone who would be so kind as to grab one of the blanks above and color art for them, we're sure that the players would appreciate it. There are also some historical (idle dested) Xanadu dragons lacking art, and we'd love to see them filled in for completeness sake. As of now, the missing dragons are:

Current Dragons

Bronze Romth Bronze Isterreth Bronze Tesnath
Bronze Perianth Bronze Fulcioth Bronze Inimeth
Brown Zhaoth
Blue Kagenaith Blue Jaesriuth
Green Kelioth Green Marisalath Green Rysith

Historical Dragons

Bronze Branth Blue Zemarith Blue Yyrith Blue Shivith
Blue Tiurneth Green Shemsuth Green Romasseth Green Sirenath
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