Igen's Hatching June 27, 2007

Igen Weyr - Candidate Quarters
While the barracks are little different from the dorms in layout and appearance, a little time makes it apparent that they house younger people, for the most part. There's also more order; "COTS" are lined with precision - almost as if laid out on a "CHART". The room is kept tidy, and the presses are closed and not leaking belongings. Though not segregated by sex, one side of the room appears to belong primarily to the female candidates, the other to the males, though there does happen to be some over-lapping. In general, the barracks are open, perhaps as an introduction to the more public, collective life of a rider. To one side of the door, a large "CHORE BOARD" lists the duties of each Candidate for the day.

Suletia is sitting rigidly on her cot. The word has apparently filtered down through the grapevine that the Hatching will be soon. The Candidate fidgits constantly, apparently unable to sit still. She's not in her robe yet, and her clothes are stained and spattered with all manner of food stuffs. On top of that, the woman /reeks/ of the Kitchens. Seems like the women of the Lower Caverns are already preparing the Hatching Feast, and Suletia's been kicked out. The reasons could be smeared across the front of her - she's covered in what looks like the innards of a bubblie. Despite this, and heedless of the mess she's making of her neatly made cot, Suletia continues to sit. Fidget. Fidget. Fidget fidget.

Damaris may have seen Suletia earlier, in the kitchen. She, though, had dishwashing duty, which is sort of like mucking only you deal with the before instead. Bits of food people may have touched with their mouths already and who knows what else. And scraping it off for the canines— it's enough to make anyone a little squicky. But she's cleaned up, hair swept up with a clip, and seated on her cot now, calm as can be and writing lazily in her notebook.

Azoa is actually hiding under her covers at this point, disguising herself as a big lump in the white sheet. There's some movement at the end near her head now and then and an occasional sigh. Eventually the girl pushes the covers back to stick out her head, her hair all over the place and her eyes quite wide. "Is it /really/ going to be soon?" There's a book on her pillow that she's been reading in the dim light under the topsheet.

Suletia glances at Damaris, but she doesn't even bother to make a face at the other Candidate. She glances in Azoa's diretion, nodding solemnly. Twitch. "Well, when the word gets to the women to start preparing the food, that's usually soon." She says. Fidget. "When I walked through the Bowl earlier, the dragons are already bringing in the passenger. I think your parents are here, Damaris. I thought I saw them fly in on a bronze, but I might've been mistaken." Wow. Tactful comment from the woman. Fear really is the great equalizer. "So all there is to do at this point is wait for the hum. It should be soon." Fidget twitch.

Aoriya is fiddling with a bit of copper wire, endlessly twisting it into a coil, her face reflecting the shape of the metal, all tense. Indeed, but not fearful, determined. Yes, Aoriya, normally suave, toothgrinding. "The whole sharding contingent of my family is here. All of them dressed in smithcraft or weaver colors, except for my brother and uncle. Head to toe in green and blue riding gear respectfully." Nemu looks up from the bed at her owner placidly, though Kujaku is endlessly preening in reflection of her nervousness and Shida is waiting in stony silence.

"My parents," Damaris drawls from her place of poise, "are figures of Lordship. Of course they'd be here, if only to mingle and schmooze." It couldn't be more possible, more disdain in her voice. And then she's silent, composed. Inside? Inside is a different matter.

"Oh." That's Azoa's question answered. Just like that the girl falls silent, letting Suletia's words sink in. The nervousness is starting to sink in too, slipping easily into her mind and making her tremble. "I only ever saw a hatching once. I've never stood or nothing." The mention of family does make her look pensive. "I hope my parents are here. They weren't too proud when I got Searched, but…they'll…they'll come."

Suletia's lizards are nowhere to be seen - probably up in the ledges with the rest of the dragon population, waiting for an egg to twitch. "My folks are here." She says, simply. She completely ignores Damaris, except for a nod. And then she glances in Azoa's direction, startled. "Not proud? How can…" But she silences herself sharply. "I'm sure they'll be here." The woman says, soothingly. Suddenly, she jumps up, pacing restlessly. "Confined to the sharding Barracks." She snarls under her breath. Only now does she realize the state and smell of herself and her clothes, and she looks positively horrified.

Completely content with being ignored, Damaris only lapses into silence and writes. Oh, she writes.

Strumming along in the corner of the room is Farris, without a care, or worry in the world. Her brother stopped by earlier to wish her good luck, letting her know that Saisri and him were going to watch, and cheer her on. With a soft rumble in her throat, she quietly sings to herself. "One minute you laugh, the next minute you are slowly sinking into something black. I get the feeling that lately nothing ever really lasts." She croons out as her fingers plunk away at the instrument. "I keep trying to get up, but I keep falling back in your love, in your hate, and you wait, one minute goes fast." Her hair is sprawled out in a choppy fashion on the back of her head, as if she took a knife to it.

Aoriya looks amusedly over at Damaris, anything to ease the tension. "You? A rebel Damaris? Even towards your parents? I'm impressed and surprised." Her expression is one of respect indeed for the daughter of the Igen Lord and Lady. "I went to my cousin B'ton's and another one, both Telgari. I'm still nervous as a baby colt."

Aoriya's comment earns her an eyeroll and a long and patient sigh. Damaris replies with, "My mother gave birth to me and my father provides for his Hold. Beyond that I have little sentiment." 'Hate', even, is a feeling.

Azoa shrugs, not saying any more on the parent issue other than, "they thought I'd stick with beastcrafting." And that's that. She goes back to her book, laying on her front with her chin propped up by one hand while she reads.

Aoriya rolls her eyes. "I honor my family. I love them with all my heart. But I was taught to think with three things, my head, my heart, and my free will. That's what lead me to Igen, and if I walk off the sands or not, if I go home to my family without a hatchling or even transfer later, those three things will make that decision. I always thought that the Lords and Ladies had little freedom, as did their families, because their duties to their people came first." Her tone isn't amused, introspective now, "Is that how it was for you Damaris?"

Suletia continues to pace, though she shoots a long look at Damaris. "Sarcasm isn't necessary." She almost snaps. "We're all nervous. For whatever reason, your parents are here. Others aren't so lucky." Touchy, all of a sudden. Fidget twitch. "I watched the last Igen Hatching, the one Nylaeth produced. Well, watched some of it. Spent most of the time in the kitchens, cooking." It's obvious she'd rather be there then here. "Ordered to the Barracks, can't leave until the eggs hum." The woman scoffs, standing with her hands on her hips and staring daggers at the door. "Have to go out on the Sands smelling like sharding bubblies! RIDICULOUS." Stomp stomp stomp, and Suletia's pacing again. Every now and again, her pacing rounds take her near to Farris, and she seems to relax just a touch in the music's soothing aura. But as soon as she leaves it, she sharp and fidgety again. Stomp fidget stomp.

That, somehow, is a question Damaris seems to think is actually worth it. She sets her pen down, flicks an unimpressed glance at Suletia, and lifts her chin. "Duty to the Hold comes first," she recites, confirming. "For me, it's this or marriage. My parents wish it to be the latter. I've never been very keen on the idea of marrying for business."

Aoriya decides now to lighten the mood for Suletia. "Maybe the hatchlings will like the smell of bubblies." She suggests. Aoriya cackles. "I'm not settling down, not to one mate, not to one gender. If I get into a flight and have children, or if me being whorish results in a child, then I'll care for the babe, if not, I'll be free for my life. If your parents don't like you marrying for love, get rowdy. Get assertive, and when that doesn't work kick them in the rear. Or better, find a handsome journeyman you like in a glamourous occupation, intelligent, well marked and well educated. Make sure he's well mannered and will provide, and make your parents an offer they can't refuse. Its as simple as that."

S'yi leans up against the door and just listens to the candidate talk. Yes, Igen's new WLM has decided to come and peek in at the Candidates. The hatching could me anytime between today and the end of the sevenday, so she figured she'd come and spy on all the wee candidates. Unfortunately, her son, in his sling across her chest, starts making soft burbling noises. They might hear it, they might not..

"No," Damaris says, well, simply, "it isn't." But there, over there. A noise. A burbling. S'yi. Or, more specifically, S'yi's son. "Hello. Ma'am. Ma'am's… small child."

Azoa looks out and over at Suletia. "Why not go have a wash, Suletia?" Back to her book she goes. S'yi's baby's noises are not noticed, the girl too anxious to concentrate on much beside the book. When Damaris speaks up Azz does look over though, nodding at the rider.

Suddenly, Farris's voice wails out in that pure, beautiful pitch as her fingers work the guitar harder, head bobbing. "I didn't know, I didn't know! I couldn't see, couldn't see! Never thought that you'd forget me! Couldn't believe, couldn't believe. How you deceived me!" With a guitar solo on the strings, she croons out. "I will never be like you. I'll never do the things you do. Selfish and lonely, what's your problem!? Letting go of you and this is harder than I thought, but I will not be poisoned." Her fingers drag upwards along the strings, creating a quick symphony of screeches, before humming lightly back in her throat.

Suletia pauses in her stomping to glance at Aoriya. She just stares dumbfounded at the lass for a moment, and then shakes herself all over and continues stomping. A combination of Damaris' greeting and yet another stare at the door, and S'yi and the child are noticed. "Weyrlingmaster." Comes the sharp, crisp greeting. "Weyrlingmaster's… child." Yeah, so she echos Damaris. Irritated by this, Suletia stomps off again. "Because the /temporary/ Headwoman told me that I couldn't leave the Barracks until the Eggs hummed and the Weyrlingmaster or Weyrleaders released me." This obviously grates on the nerves of the woman. "And those sharding eggs aren't Hatching yet. Look at me! I'm disgusting!" She might kind of like being this way - at least it gives her a /reason/ and an outlet for her nerves and frustration.

Neyuni slips into the barracks, giving a soft greeting to Syi and the babe, the vibrancy within the room causes a slight pause as she makes her way to her cot listening to get a handle on what all is going on at the moment as she shuffles through a few of her things under her cot.

Public Announcement from Sianne: Gold Sakrienth and Bronze Ytroths eggs will be beginning their one time only performance in roughly 15 minutes. Everyone is invited to come on over to sandy old Igen to cheer on our candidates and see the newest generation of dragons put on the show of a lifetime!

"Oh, please, would you just /shut/ /up/!" Damaris is holding an exasperated grip on her pen, has it lifted slightly at Suletia. "Yes, you're disgusting. You're the epitome of grotesque. But please do keep quiet about it." Pause. "Some of us are trying to relax." Yes. This is relaxed. See how relaxed she is?

Jevsia seems to have been kept busy by Sianne and J'io, for while the others are all in the barracks, she is just rushing in, looking rather frazzled. With barely a greeting for anyone else, she heads for her cot, flopping on it to peer underneath to look momentarily at Damaris, starting to say somethign before snapping her mouth shut and going back to searching.

Azoa's shoulders hunch up and she engrosses herself in the book. None of the arguing is happening if she can't here it, lalala. She also pulls the cover back over her head.

S'yi offers a wave to Damaris, "Oeshyvan." she supplies her son's name before offering a wave and a grin to Azoa at well. However when Farris starts singing, Oeshyvan sets up wailing and Yi winces. "Erm, sorry about that." she comments, scooping the lad out of his sling and offering him to the nurse who was following. "Alright candidates, you all know me, and I know some of you. So, we all being nice, hanging out? The like?" she asks, waving byebye to her son as he's toted away. Yes, dragonrider now on dragonrider time, must give son up a tiny bit for a tiny bit.

Sliding her fingers along the strings, Farris works out a few more notes, before allowing the guitar to be slipped to the side. With a rock of her shoulders, she reaches out to snag Suletia by the hand, tugging her over. "Hey, woman, take a break from stressing out. Afternoon, WeyrlingMaster." She calls over to S'yi, before giving Damaris a quick look, as if daring her to continue the aggression.

Suletia glances at Damaris, and snarls. "Relax? And yes, you're the absolute pinacle of relaxed and at ease, Miss Rebel." She's probably about to say something else nasty, but Farris tugs her over, and she subsides, happy with just a nasty look. She mutters something acceptable in the direction of the Weyrlingmaster, looking cranky.

Aoriya continues coiling and playing with the wire in her hands. Idly she sings, the song in counterpoint to Farris' melody. A favorite of hers. The melody joyful, almost frenetic, a soprano alto that most wouldn't think of as coming from her throat and soft in volume. "Woke up with yawn its morning, I'm still alive, looked up at skies of blue to start a new day. The silly lizards flying, up in the sky, amazing gossip in the caverns today, tonight love is rationed, tonight across the nation, tonight love will spread worldwide, and stay another day."

'Miss Rebel', eyeroll. Eyeroll, 'Miss Rebel'. Now they're properly introduced, and they can go off together while Damaris reacquaints herself with her notebook. Yes, she has an ear on S'yi. But somehow replying to 'being nice' seems somewhat ironic.

Srulync strolls in, circling a string of wooden beads between his fingers. His usual demeanor of being some how plesed with himself is of course, in place. If walking into a room filled with people and position holding folk makes him nervous, it doesn't reflect in his body language. He continues to an empty cot and sits down comfortably, the beads flung carelessly onto a shirt of his at his feet. Obviously there's a reason S'yi is here, so he turns his attention to her.. mildly.

Neyuni fishes her brush out and fusses a bit with her hair, listenign too the banter slip back nad forth about the room. As S'yi steps forwrad attention drifts to the rider, her questions raising a brow as the atmosphere of the barracks seems self-evident.

Mara is not busy with one, but two little brown rascals who have been given the run of her cot. The little firelizards flare their wings and posture at each other, even the littlest Djinni testing his strength in a playfight. Letting the two distract her from the tension, she seems oblivious to all.

Aoriya takes a piece of wherhide out of her pocket, a thin strip really, and makes every attempt to pull back her faded hair. Her stormy eyes scanning the room as she ties back her hair for almost the first time anybody would have seen her. Not that its very long anyway. But the look makes her head look, bare somehow, like the thick mane is some crucial element to her face. "Urg… this is probably going to fall out on the sands. My hair is that short."

Having settled herself down next to Suletia, Farris drapes an arm around her shoulder, giving her a reassuring squeeze. "Just ease up, no need to get worked up. If you impress, you do, if not, you move on." She says with a wry grin. "Sides, you'll got me cheering you on every second."

S'yi is just hangin out like the rest of the candidates, "So, uhm." Yeah, not much for her to say you know. Candidates aren't her expertise, Weyrlings are. Its alright though, she'll figure something to say…like this! The dragons start to hum, loudly, the weyr walls vibrate. "Alright people, get a move on. Candidates, get your robes on. Now. I'm going to lead you all to the sands, so everyone needs to come out in twos behind me. Remember, Bow to the gold, the bronze. The Weyrlady and the Weyrleader. Be respectful, and stand in your circles.

"Want me to help you?" Mara turns, her selective hearing kicking in at Aoriya's comment. "I can make a mean runnertail." She offers a smile, the only thing that belies her inner anticipation. S'yi's words go in one ear and rattle around for a bit before the meaning sinks in. She stands, feet wide apart in a strong stance. Just dragons. No big deal… right?

Jevsia triumphantly pulls a robe out from the cot with a whoop, contrasting the feelings of many of the others in the room it seems. And, good timing, since the dragons start to hum. With a glare at a few people, she switches into her robe. "Don't be a baby." THough, who exactly that's said to… who knows. But, jumping from foot to foot to get her sandals on, and she's ready, and left staring at Azoa, who she's bounced closer to.

Suletia leans into her friend, but the sudden explosion of hum brings her rapidly to her feet. Not caring who's around to see, the Candidate changes from her mucky clothes to the white robe in almost seconds flat, somehow managing to execute the change flawlessly and gracefully and preserving most of her modesty… That is, until her arm goes through the head hole, and her head through the arm hole. Suletia lets out a string of expletives that would make a Seaman blush, and starts trying to untangle herself.

Chatter? Nah. Firelizards? Nah. Humming? … Wait, /humming/? "Oh, /no/." Damaris squeezes her eyes shut and takes a deep breath. Not now, she was so ready for not now. She tucks her notebook under her pillow and stands. In moments she's changed and stepping back out from behind a curtain for that purpose. She slips her sandals on, smoothes the white of her robe down and moves into place.

Aoriya shoots up and takes one of the first places in line, her back almost ramrod straight. "I don't think we ahve time." Aoriya tells Mara over her shoulder. The girl's hands are shaking. She clenches them into fists, takes a deep breath, and then another, and slowly her hands stop shaking.

Azoa throws the covers back at S'yi's words and gets tangled in them as she tries to get out of the cot. With all the elegance of an arthritic burdenbeast she finds her feet and hastns to her press, dragging out the slightly rumpled robe within. Off comes her shirt and trousers; on goes the robe and sandals. Looking round, she finds JEvsia right beside her.

Igen Weyr - Hatching Sands

As if temperatures in the rest of the Weyr weren't uncomfortable enough, the sands are positively blistering. The air shimmers from the onslaught of heat, leaving the area with a hallucinatory feel. Black sands stand currently empty but for the occasional egg-shard or 'print not swept clear. A raised platform of smooth stone provides a lounging-spot for queens or their mates, or a retreat for the lifemates that accompy them from whence they can cool their feet somewhat.

Damaris enters the cavern with her fellows and commits herself to a bow for dam and sire before moving on to take a place in the semi circle of white surrounding the eggs. She stands with arms folded, a closed-off stance.

S'yi leads the candidates out, keeping a good watch over her shoulder to make sure the candidates are following. Happy with the white robed train following her, she makes her bows to dam and sire before sidling over towards Oe'lly to stand near him.

Suletia moves in, half-blind. She's being shoved and straightened at the same time by someone else, but she's still in a precarious position as she steps just onto the sands. Her arms and head are tangled in the top of her robe, making her look quite the fool. She tries to pause so that she can right herself, but the flow of Candidates behind her pushes her forward.

Aoriya follows behind Damaris, bowing with little drama, but with every bit of courtesy to the sire and dam as she stands a little way forwards and a little way to Damaris' right. Her eyes are on the eggs and not on the galleries. Her feet tap back and forth, like a runner eager to take to the traces.

Farris heads out onto the sands with Suletia, trying to help her get her robe on correctly, quietly chuckling to herself. "Calm down, you're ganna get a heart attack." She drawls. Once the pair get situated, she takes her time to bow towards the Dam, and Sire properly, offering up a quick hint of a smile to the metallics, then slips her hand into Suletia's. With a firm squeeze, she clears her throat, ambling out onto the sands. ".. Good luck." She silently whispers to her friend.

Mara's face is clouded with a dozen different emotions, ranging from arrogant confidence to melancholy hope. She makes neat, sharp bows to each parent and rider in turn, long strides carrying her quickly with the rest. One hand tugs at a lock of hair already escaping its confinement, but other than that the Apprentice stands as a statue.

Rippling like water in a mudpuddle, A Little Bit of Everything Egg begins to slowly move in it's sandy home. Slow rocking movements are added, the sides bulging now and then before everything stills like all power to the hatchling within has been unceremoniously shut off.

Jevsia is on the Sands, and the eggs are hatching. /Finally/. With her chin up, she has a bit of a skip in her step, though its still passable as a walk, and a bow goes to Sakrienth and Ytroth. And then, into the circle she goes, though her attention is hardly as focused as her stance is.

Oe'lly comes in at a jog, pulling open the buckles of his riding jacket. "Just in time, I see." There's even a little grin on his face. "Weyrlingmaster. I got word that your Co-master won't be able to join us, something about difficult birth. I'll be happy to take her place and duties for the following…if you don't mind too terribly. Oh, and my parents are here, they're busy cooing over Van at the moment. Just to warn you."

Theresana enters the sandas, hanging back a little, and bowing to dam and sire, thier riders, and even the eggs, before walking to stand by a small group of others in white. She's too nervous, despite this not being her first, or second, or even third hatching, to notice the heat of the sands, and to nervous to stand still, as she sways back and forth slowly and quietly.

Azoa walks out behind Jevsia, legs trembling so bad it's a wonder she can walk at all. After the girl in front of her has bowed, Azoa mimics the gesture shakily, first to Sakrienth and then to Ytroth. That duty fulfilled, she hurries after Jev to stand beside her, shaking like a leaf. "What do we do now?" She manages to stutter out under her breath.

Deadland Stretch Egg seems to creak and groan as the hatchling within it begins to toss and turn. Slowly it sets into a side to side motion, with a few to and fros just to make things look good.

Neyuni enters onto the sands, sandaled feet stepping lightly upon the warm grains as she comes out amid the mass of white robes. Eyes roam left, right nad then settle front and center as she approaches the clutch. A respectful bow is given to the dam and sire and their riders, without whom she wouldnt have the opportunity that she now does as she moves beyond them, flowing the flow of candidates as they settle about the eggs.

Aoriya sees the eggs start to rock and another deep breath is required to steady her nerves as she looks around her at the sands. Her face has a small, almost smile on it and her eyes shine. She turns to Damaris with a charming wink. "Good luck. I hope…" She breaks off. Yep, still selfish slightly selfish Aoriya.

Sianne paces along side a hovering Sakrienth, the gold fluttering her wings over the now shifting eggs with loud hissing rumbles. "Back off you thick skulled wherry head… You have to back up, they have to hatch you can't keep them in their shells amoment longer." There's a few slaps to the golds shoulder before the exhausted looking Sianne finally manges to back the dragon off to where she normally lays. "Behave or I'll 'troth sit on you." is muttered before the goldrider stalks off in search of J'io.

J'io might look just as nervous as a few of the candidates out there, really. At least he's managing to keep fairly still where he leans on Ytroth's forearm, the bronze strangely quiet for once as he watches the wobbling of the eggs. Maybe he knows that this just really isn't the time to be trying to scare the white-robed things away. Still, the bronzerider's hand ruffles through his hair nervously. "Heh..here we go.."

Srulync drums his fingers on his leg as he steps on to the sands. His eyes are perhaps wider than usual, but generally excitement does that to a person. When his initial scan of the sands is over he bows to the clutch parents. As the eggs start twitching, that he's been present to see, he steps quickly into place, drumming resumed.

Keziah trails behind the others, she's apprehensive to say the least. Sure, she can be cocky and self assured all she wants, but the second the eggs start moving and all she's a bundle of nerves. She swallows a bit and then glances up towards the stands, not that she expects to see anyone she knows, but well, you never know.

Suletia finally straightened and blushing furiously, Suletia all but hides behind Farris, head down. She dips a bow to Sakrienth, then to Ytroth, and goes back to huddling behind Farris. Her bare feet are already starting to get hot, and she shuffles, but that just makes the burning worse. Embarrassed past all measure, Suletia starts poking and her tightly pinned hair. "I'm still covered in bubbly juice." She moans softly. "They're wriggling." The woman absolutely loses her composure, wringing her hands and going very, very pale.

One little crack splinters over and over, turning A Little Bit of Everything Egg into a new jigsaw puzzle. The return of the hatchlings movements within makes small flecks of shards patter down the heaving sides to lay on the sands below. Can't you just feel the building energy, the excitement that shall soon be set free?

Those creaks and groans return this time accompanied by the loud sound of crumbling and cracking as Deadland Stretch Egg turns brittle and begins look as if it just might shatter if someone were to look at it the wrong way. As the hatchling within battles to come out the cracks spread out like a wild fire, fanning this way and that.

Mara feels a breath catch in her throat as the eggs rock, but quickly clears it away as a simple cough. Her cool blue-green eyes are transfixed, narrowed and staring at each egg in turn. Jostling with a tall boy by her side, she finally rolls those intense eyes and steps away from Keltian. "Grow up," She mutters, leaving the fellow Tanner perplexed in her wake. Taking up space near Suletia and some other girls, she tries to look nonchalant.

Jevsia offers an arm to Azoa with a smile - if she's scared she's seemingly not showing it… Yet. "STand here, and Impress a dragon. Isn't too hard, so I hear." Jevsia gets distracted as the eggs start to move and crack, and its only then that her eyes start to widen and she looks a little more worried.

Farris looks amused as she shifts her clear blue eyes to Suletia, then allows her eyes to drift towards the moving eggs, taking in a deep breath. Rolling her shoulders backwards, she allows her hand to grip tighter over the other girl's, giving a firm squeeze. "They sure are. By the way.. they did warn us about.. stampedes, right?" She asks in a soft murmur, looking amused as she bumps her hip up against the others. "You go left, I go right just in case."

Azoa first clings to Jevsia's arm, then manages to calm herself down into a state of sanity enough that she isn't gripping maniacally. "What happens if one comes near us? We get out of the way, right? What if it wants us? Ohh-" Like the older girl Azz gets distracted by the wildly rocking eggs, looking over at them wide-eyed.

Neyuni has come to rest in the formation of candidates, one among many and one yet alone within the group. She casts a long look over those she has gotten to know well, or not so well as the case may be, over the past sevendays and then looks back to the eggs and the fate that awaits them in one form or another letting out a soft sigh as she catches movement from several of the ovoids. It seems the wait is soon to be over.

Suletia glances up, alarmed. "Stampedes?" She says blankly. Apparently, she's forgotten about the VSC - Very Sharp Claws. Moaning, she wrings her hands more, the normally composed woman all a shambles. "But what if it's coming at me from the right?" She asks, nervously.

With a few more well placed kicks the hatchling within Deadland Stretch Egg makes a few holes in the shell, with a snout appearing here and a foot there before the top comes cleanly off and out of it rises a brilliant blue. With a push of his wings the egg topples apart to lay at his feet.

Sianne turns about only to find that Sakrienth has curled herself down next to her chosen mate, rumbling softly as she briefly nudges the bronze. "yes here we go and it's about time, I swear another few days and the healers would be treating me for fried brain." Well perhaps not that but it'd really do nothing for Si's pleasant and sunny dispotsition. One hand reaches out to curl around one of her Weyrleaders forearms before she curls the other around it as well, nearly clinging to J'io now.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Skies over the Desert Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Rising up from his shell with wet wings spread wide, this blue seems almost to wildly colored to possible be real. From Lapis to sapphire, seablues to simple baby blues. He holds himself with a swaying regal grace, though with his first step from his shells remains he ends up sprawled across the forelegs of his dame. Yes he ment to do that, Hello Mother! With the urging of a gold snout, this flashy blue boy rises again, his head turning towards the line of white. He keeps his distance from the line of males and females, checking them out from afar. He passes this one and that one by before stopping before one lanky boy with grubby hair and a runny nose. "Duliasith? Wash my hair? I'm now C'bes not Corbes." One trembling hand with dirty and broken nails stretches out and touches the blues head. "You teach and I'll be all you want but first lets put some food in your belly." A pair worth keeping tabs on is this new blue pair, one of the AWLMs moves forward and escorts them both off the sands and into the alcove.

All the movements before now have all been just a build up before the storm. The battering motions of the hatchling within A Little Bit of Everything Egg picks up, sending the egg nearly toppling onto one side. Shards fly outward, raining down on nearby eggs. A moment of silence comes before with a loud sound similar to thunder the shell explodes to leave one very large brown standing in it's place.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Mottled Warrior of the Desert Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

All shades of the desert seem to collect themselves in the body of this one large brown. Burnt Sienna seems to have been painted over his head and body. A small tattoo like pattern of prussian blue and terra cotta dots enhance the deep set of his large eyes. Muscles ebb and flow along the length of his neck, each ridge peak tinted a glinting brass. His length stretches further on his back and sides, as pale russet is mottled by thin striations of sage green paired with a light khaki. Strength plays out in wings that seem so intune to not only his body and size but to his unique colorations as well. Belly and legs are dipped in dark tones that seem to enhance and enlongate his limbs while helping to hide the chubbier roundness of his stomach and chest. Thick spars sing with raw umber while sails tune in with more wheaty hue that's flecked with just a hint of copper where sails and spars come together. As if seeking a final place to stretch out futher, his tail seems to go on and on, where again the deep sienna of his body comes into play only to turn into the warm mahogany of his tailspade.

Damaris casually replies, "You too," to Aoriya. Now she'll just stand here if you please, silent and nervous and dealing. Hatchlings! One, two. Blue, brown. Her eyes close tightly. Oh please let this be over soon.

Farris grins faintly. "You'll be fine, Suletia. I'll protect you." She says with an amused look as she gives her a playful shove. "Just don't cause a scene, and it will go smooth." She trails off, watching the Blue seek out his partner quickly enough. ".. Looks like a happy couple right there." She murmurs, before allowing her eyes to fall upon the Brown. ".. Big guy… handsome one."

Jevsia pats Azoa's arm gently, shushing the younger girl slightly. "If they charge, get out of the way. But don't try to hide. They may want y—" And she trails off as the blue quickly Impresses, and then there's a brown.

Aoriya's face lights up. "Oh wow, pretty blue, oh man… gone… and what a gentleman that brown. He's got to be sturdy that one." She comments. "Bit on the large side but…" She whistles, and continues to watch the eggs.

Haze rises from the parched shell of the Ancient Heat Visions egg. A stroke of wind stirs the brittle golden grass, sending waves rippling over the shell. Suddenly it becomes clear that there is no breeze out on the hot sands and that the shell is in fact moving on its own.

Keziah watches as a blue hatches first and heads off, not that her eyes are really set on a blue, that just wouldn't do. Course the brown in eyed momentarily and she frowns thoughtfully at it.

J'io blinks, looking over at Sianne once his arm is grabbed onto. Eh? When did she get there? Still, he really can't help but grin at the woman a bit, bringing his free hand up to pat lightly on the Weyrwoman's. "Yeah, no kiddin' there, eh?" Ytroth seems content enough as well to simply let Sakrienth lean, tilting his head slightly to nose at the gold for a brief moment.

Oe'lly bows politely to Sakrienth and Ytroth before he straightens and grins to the youthful Weyrleader. "It's a lot easier from this sided of things, Sir. I promise. Weyrwoman. I'm filling in for Akeylah, there's been an emergency with one of her paitients, difficult birth, complications. She wasn't overly clear other than the fact that she's not going to make it." He turns just in time to watch the blue and brown hatch simotaniously and the grin breaks out again. It's the happy part of the circle, after all.

Golden Scrub and Dusty Stones Egg vibrates, pebbles and small stones dancing just at the surface as if in time to some far distant rumble of music or thunder. After a few breaths the dust is kicked up as the rocks come back to rest a little off from their original positions. This process is repeated over and again, the intervals between egg-quakes growing more frequent and more violent each time.

With a triumphant cry the Skies over the Desert Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Suletia nods, preoccupied. She spots Mara, and waves the woman over urgently. More eyes to watch out for staggering hatchlings. And then, suddenly, there are the things to be feared. Suletia can't figure out where to direct her attention, and steps back instead. The blue's Impression is noticed, and Suletia offers a weak cheer, and then that brown is caught in Suletia's periphery, and the woman keeps him there. The other part of her is watching the Sand Dunes and Salt Flats egg for movement.

Azoa squeaks out some quiet comment or another when Corbes Impresses, eyes growing even bigger, if that's possble, at the sight of the first hatchling. "I-I'll do that. And you'll get your gold, okay?" She adds, squeezing Jevsia's arm. She doesn't take her eyes off the cluch though - especially not now that a very large brown has hatched. "Oh Faranth, he's huge," Azz whimpers.

Neyuni blinks as the first of the eggs hatches and the blue within emerges to consider its options. For once, Yuni looks a bit intimidated, the reality of it sinking in as the heat soaks through the soles of her sandals and the in flash of hatchling talons. She stands firm, but so much more at attention than she has been in a long time, yes, best follow the advice given, shes got her eyes open and then some. Impression is quick enough for the first, and a second emerges, it begins indeed!

"We'll be fine," Mara shrugs, voice soft but clear enough for anyone nearby to hear. "Just fine." Her eyes flick quickly here and there, trying in vain to catch each crack of an egg and each hatchling's appearance. "Thanks." She tells Suletia, secretly comforted by company.

Srulync doesn't seem to favor any egg in particular, rather spending a short moment looking at each one. He's not so much tense as.. intent. The high level of energy is certainly infectious in his case. The hatch of the blue and brown give him a start, "Barely enough time to soak that one in." he mutters. His eyes flicking to another shaking egg after looking over the brown.

Jevsia gives Azoa another pat with a smile. "It'll happen, I'm not worried." She remarks, though by the shifting of her feet, and the idle picking at the seams of her robe, the truth is that she's anything but not worried. "Bronzes are bigger.." She comments, and glances at the other candidates.

Mottled Warrior of the Desert Brown Hatchling stretches up and outward, wings flaring again to shake off the lingering egg goo. With a slightly off canting of his head to allow him a view of the line of white, he just stares. One step forward turns into another before he's steadily baring down on the candidates, he'll explore a little first before getting down to work. The brown hatchling moves towards the opening to the bowl before veering right towards the galleries, head tipped upward as he offers some brassy bleats to the audience up there watching the sands. Hello People!

J'io turns a faint grin on Oe'lly for a moment. "Yeah, speak for yerself there. Sure, they got little beasties with claws runnin' at 'em. I got..well.." Well, what he's got is a lady attached to his arm. "..Alright, maybe it ain't so bad as what they got, eh? Anyone got somethin' ta drink?"

S'yi quietly steps over to stand next to Oe'lly, excited and happy for the candidates. She glances up at Oe'lly and offers him a wee grin. "I gave Oeshyvan to the sitter like only a minute before the humming started." she comments quietly to him.

Shell ripples turn to full out bulges as a steady tapping sounds from the Ancient Heat Visions egg. The pressure from within is building like the heat from the parched exterior. Larger and larger the bulges grow. A final snap signals the end as a webbing of cracks begins to branch out over the weathered landscape.

Sianne smiles bashfully upward, "sorry J'io, still can't get used to this even with the clutches I've been out here for with her." With the first impression her hold on the teen tightens and there's an alarmed squeek as the brown seems ready to head out into the bowl.

Golden Scrub and Dusty Stones Egg shivers and shudders, the surface of the egg becoming crazed with fissures. Each of them widens and deepens, unfathomable depths peeking beneath the unstable surface.

Theresana has just been standing there, watching as hachlings hatch and Impress. She's silent, watching out for hatchlings, least she be knocked over by one, and keeping an eye out for a few friends as well.

Aoriya stands silently as she watches the brown. An almost smile cracks her face, but there are other eggs rocking hither and thither, her eyes twist and turn and she doesn't know which to look at. Still the almost smile. But her movement is tense, so is her jaw.

Neyuni eases from one foot to the other, wondering at what logic there is in not allowing thicker, or insulated footwear. Really, in todays world at least she should probably be grateful that they arent made to come out barefoot any longer, but, really! The browns antics are watched with close amusement.

Azoa shifts her feet constantly, the heat of the sands beneath her getting through the sandals' soles all too easily. "Golds're bigger still," she remarks shakily. "But they're not bad as…as adults. Out here it's shardin' scary." The curse slips from her mouth and she bites her lip, regretful.

Farris continues to watch the Brown on the sands, before turning her attention slightly to the other eggs, keeping an eye out for more wiggles, and cracks. Her fingers, now sweaty, work a bit at Suletia's hand as she squeezes. Growing a bit excited herself, she begins to quietly murmur a few notes under her breath, trying to keep herself calm, instead of bursting out into fidgets.

Keziah watches the brown with trepidation "Where's he goin' off too?" She asks of no one in particular "He ain't lookin for someone in the stands, is he?" she blinks alittle as she looks up there wondering who he's looking at.

Mara grins as she catches a few warbles from some wandering dragonet, finally locating the brown with a silent scanning of the sands. Another egg catches her eye, one of her particular favorites, and she turns her whole focus to it for a few moments.

Jevsia shakes her head some, "I won't let any of them hurt you, I promise. Okay?" And the brown's progress is watched, Jev turning to follow his progress around the Sands. "Wonder if he wants someone up there instead." That would, well, suck.

Suletia's hand on Farris' is probably crushing, no matter how sweaty their palms have become. Suletia offers her other hand to Mara, finding strength in support. Slowly she begins to compose herself, even though she constantly shifts her burning feet.

The black sands rain down from the sides of the Ancient Heat Visions egg. These sands are soon followed by brick red sands and crisp white flashes of shell. Slowly, almost methodically, the egg disintegrates into a pile of weathered desert, shell shards, and black Igen sands. It leaves behind the glistening wet figure of a green hatchling curled on her side.

J'io lifts a brow as that brown makes for the bowl..and then turns. "Now where's he think he's goin'? Out for a stroll?" Hatchlings these days.. Still, he shakes his head, giving Sianne's arm another light pat. "Never you mind 'bout that. I ain't used to it at all, so I think we're pretty even on it, ya know?"

Mottled Warrior of the Desert Brown Hatchling gets a bit tired or so it seems, there's really nothing out there to explore except those moving white things. Yes, it's time to see just what is up with all them. With his body crouched low to the ground he moves up behind the candidates, moving slowly and quietly. Be very very quiet, he's hunting something and it seems to be just tickling his nose with the idea that it's just somewhere close for him to find. This boy and that are passed on by, a few girls are sneezed at as he paces on by. Then he stops, his head canting again as if something, some voice, sound scent, something out here has caught him.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Silvered Sage Brush Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The tiny green uncurls from her place in the sands with awkward, unsure movements. The struggle to stand ensues and it can now be seen that she is a spindly thing; all silvered sage hide and gangly limbs. Her eyes are a whirl in red mirroring the distress which causes her to creel plaintively. A stray bit of shell shard tangles her feet and sends her tumbling to the ground. Rather then arise again, she lays there in a heap creeling. The sea of candidates part and an Igenite lad steps forward. He runs his hand through messy brown hair while a mischievous smile lights his face. Alecai bends down to the baby green, reaching out tenderly. "Ah, Mulgath. Your Al'cai will help you. Stand up, sweet."

With a triumphant cry the Silvered Sage Brush Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Oe'lly offers S'yi his arm for the moment, after all any day now they'll have to lead the newly impressed off the sands. "I know, the poor girl has company now."

Golden Scrub and Dusty Stones Egg stops, growing still. The skittering of stones and the cracking of the earth halts. Even the dust begins to settle again along its surface before the great flood comes to wash it all away. A rushing of water, or at least something that resembles water courses through the fissures to widen them into canyons, to break the fragments of egg apart from each other. This leaves a growling, nearly black ball in its wake. Unwinding, the hatchling straightens up and with a twisting motion, flings the last bits of shell and goo from himself to reveal the Canyons Cut by Wind Brown Hatchling.

Sianne shrugs "He's Ytroths sone, don't look at Sakrienth, hers don't do that."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Canyons Cut by Wind Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ever drenched in the deep shadow of the narrow places in the canyon, the seemingly charred hide of this brown at first glance would appear to be constant. But little rays of coppery sienna sunlight race in angled streaks over his wings, and stain his underbelly. One even catches along the side of his muzzle, giving him the look of a permanent smirk. Overall, the rich colouring does it's best to soften the sharply angular, long and box like lines of this ones build. It doesn't quite succeed however, as every line on his face is a junction of angles and flat planes. Even his head knobs, set low on his skull continue the motif. It lends an intense look to his eye, the ridges standing out over his darkly whirling colours like a shadowing precipice. This continues down the athletic length of his frame, right to the very tip of his angular tail, and is even carried out by his toe claws. There the sullen shade is shot through with sienna and coppery brown, for a sort of stripped and layered effect. It lends a right wicked look, almost as if they were roughly carved rather than grown.

White against the dark is an incongruous sight, but slowly the Terra Australis Incognita Egg begins to move on the dark sands. Rolling back and forth as the hatchling inside struggles for freedom, for release, for life and caught now on the precipice between one age and the next before everything falls still once more.

As Walk Through Dunes of Gold Egg sways, as if blown a bit by some sort of internal wind. But then the wind changes, the egg wavering precariously, dunes shifting angrily across its bump ridden surface.

J'io rolls his eyes faintly. "Ha. Ha. Tro never wen't all..wayward like that or nothin'." Can't blame that on the bronze! Heck no.

Damaris shifts from one foot to the other, heron-like. One leg is enough, right? It's a little harder with her arms so closely tucked in but she isn't about to change that little detail. Murmuring congratulations is something she does automatically.

Keziah's eyes dart back and forth, green, brown, brown. Wow. She cheers as yet another Impresses, dancing a bit as she does. Course the dancing bit is just likely a hot foot dance, nothing special.

Aoriya whirls when she spies the green hatchling but then she's made her match and its back to the eggs. And there's another egg splitting, and another brown. "Wow, cool. I like him." Aoriya comments as she watches him make his entrence. By now she takes a deep breath, and she's not scared anymore. It's reflected in her face. Still, she smiles as she looks around at the eggs that are moving and the hatchlings.

Srulync shifts a bit as the brown charges the galleries, not so sure what he'd rather have his back on, "Eggs or claws?" He utterly misses the hatch and pairing of the green. By the time he looks back.. there's another brown out and about. "Nice hide on that one."

Azoa squeaks out a "thanks," eyes following the wandering brown. "I think he's getting closer." Eek! The green's hatching and subsequent Impression catch her eye, as well as the hatching of the second brown. "So /fast/." She clutches tighter to Jevsia.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Mottled Warrior of the Desert Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Darkness grows on the pale surface of the Terra Australis Incognita Egg, a fine webbing of cracks that undermine the structural integrity of the shell and show the fault lines of where it will hatch. It moves once more as again the hatchling inside struggles, determined in its efforts to make it outside its former home and into freedom for once.

Jevsia is distracted from the first large brown by the arrival of the green, and then then yet another brown. And so, at Azoa's squeaking, her attention is pulled back to the first one, eyes widening. "Close!" And that's close enough to make Jev drop Azoa's hand and back up some. Perhaps she's not as brave as she might wish.

As We Walk Through Dunes of Gold Egg distorts, something below the surface pressing against its boundaries. There is only so much the shell can take, and just when the limit is reached, the unstable sands parting and falling away from themselves, everything stops. An ominous pause follows, and with it a preternatural silence.

Suletia's eyes widden as there's a flurry of activity. She hears that triumphant cry, but she fails to figure out who Impressed, or where. Instead, she concentrates on what's in front of her - wandering Hatchlings.

Azoa stops trembling just like that, mouth opening as she stares down into eyes…whirling eyes that look right back at her. "Yumath…we're Yumath and Azoa." And just like that she releases Jevsia's arm and collapses onto her knees, flinging her arms round the brown's neck and bursting into noisy tears so that her next words are barely audible. "We're together! Yes, we'll get food."

Neyuni shifts on the hot sands keeping her eyes, as best she can, on the hatchlings antics. The excitement of the browns impression sends chills through her body. The pair are to far away to hear any congratulations she might utter, let alone be drowned by the joyous roar of the crowd, and she didnt know the candidate all that well either. Well, there will be time enough later to catch up with each new weyrling pair and offer her comments, should she feel so inclined that she nibbles at her lower lip and the next rocking egg.

Damaris glances over, sees Jevsia. "Keep your calm," she calls, her black eyes squinted against the heat and the sting of sweat. All they need is mass hysteria. Or even singular hysteria. Azoa. Well that's a surprise.

It doesn't take it very long, now that the cracks are in place. So the Terra Australis Incognita Egg splits apart, into several unequal parts and leaves exposed on Igen's dark sands a paler green hatchling. She seems quite confused, sleep frosted for a long moment or two before she unsteadily gets to her feet.

Farris glances over towards the impressing cry, then cranes her neck, lifting up on tip toes. "Azoa! Congratulations!" She hollers out to her.. bunk mate, who is now no longer. Her hand squeezes once more around Suletia's, giving a faint look of nervousness. "See? Not so bad.."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Crystalline Diamond Dust Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sunlight's refraction glints across this pale green dragon, scattered into crystalline diamond patterns before they melt into the icy depths of her hide. Hoarfrost crowns a finely boned muzzle, leaving that a paler green before melting away along the rest of her delicately carved head and then the upswept arch of her headknobs. Prismatic flashes of color, are limned along her curved neckridges, before trailing on down her back to follow the wandering length of her tail to the flash of her tailspade. Slender shoulders lead into her lithe body, from the slight curl at her belly to the slightly more amplified curve that leads into her haunches. Finely boned again are her legs, colored in those same reflected hues of winter's icy green, before narrow feet terminate in the arching half moons of her talons. Winter's filmy haze is over lain across her wings, spreading from her leading edges to her main sails, ice crystals to refract the light in a sunlit display over the deeper green, until it ends in a flare of brighter reflection at her ailerons.

S'yi slips away from Oe'lly's side and over to Azoa, "Come on Azoa, you and Yumath come over here and you can feed that little one." she leads them off towards the side of the sands. Then returns to Oe'lly's side.

Aoriya jumps up and down. "Azo-a Azo-a!" She chants. "Azo-a, Azo-a!" As she pumps her fists in the air wildly in congratulations. "you rule girl! And guy! Er… Yumath…"

As We Walk Through Dunes of Gold Egg is still, still as death, as the grave, as *between*. One breath, and nothing changes. But before the second breath has left, a wrenching of the shell ends in shards flinging away from Evil Umbrella Mutated Experiment Bronze. He growls at having been confined, and then does his best to roar viciously towards the wavering white things in the distance.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Evil Umbrella Mutated Experiment Bronze >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The muddy, almost reddish-copper of this huge dragon's hide glitters dauntingly at the touch of even the faintest light. Dark markings direct the gaze of this gigantic bronze's blazingly blue, albeit tiny, left eye straight forward, the mark of a predator lending intensity to his features over that rounded, stubby snout. His head is rounded all over, bulging here and there, as if the muscles around his face just kind of swelled up to amazing proportions which is the reason why his right eye is covered in thick hide that seems to have grown together over it. Again, his snout is extremely visible, huge, daunting, amazingly sharp teeth stick out everywhere, the hide around his mouth has just been pulled or streched back and is colored deep violet, and those teeth are dauntingly huge. His wide, muscular wings point outwards, making him appear amazingly big across than his chest will allow. The patches of black-brown on his belly and wings are way off from the rest of his utterly dull bronze body, making him appear to be utterly unreal. From within those patches of black are hints of a blossoming crimson-brown that only continues down from the round spots to streaks as it glides down to his tail, like blood trailing from wounds. Evil Umbrella Mutated Experiment Bronze starts to thump his way across the sands. He moves slowly, but each step he takes leaves a deep print in the sands behind him. As he moves towards the candidates, the one good eye he can see from is cruising over the candidates, giving them an evil, yet docile, look as he passes by them. One boy faints completely away, and then Evil Umbrella Mutated Experiment Bronze stops and looks at a pair of candidates. One girl and one boy. But girls aren't bronzeriders. He shoves little blonde Alice out of the way and brings himself close to young Olivera. Then Evil pushes his ugly muzzle against the boy's chest, Ol'ivera shakes the bronze off, but pats him. "Come Nemesisth! Yes, let us get you food."

Keziah catches sight of the brown Impressing and lets out a cheer for Azoa. "Congratulations!" she exclaims brightly and then shifts around as well. Maybe she should look into getting sandals that don't let any of the heat through. She wriggles her nose a little and then sneezes even as she catches sight of the new green "She's kinda cute."

With a triumphant cry the Evil Umbrella Mutated Experiment Bronze has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

It begins as a whisper spreading through the great cavern. It becomes soft, barely audible chirps which find their source in the Sand Dunes and Salt Flats egg. The egg gives the most subtle of twitches, a wobble more imagined then real. Then it does it again and again, each time building in intensity. Soon anyone can see this egg is on it's way to hatching.

Jevsia turns, ready to snap something at Damaris about being calm, but then she's too busy staring at Azoa. "Y-Yumath." And then as she tries to sneak back into her place in line, she smiles. "Congrats! You did good!" But, even as she's congratulating the new brownrider, her attention is slipping to the other eggs, the hatched bronze, and the pale green.

Crystalline Diamond Dust Green Hatchling slowly gets to her feet, rather wobbly as she does so before swinging her head around to look at all the noise and bright lights. A fair reflection of everything going on as she starts to take her first steps and she stumbles, commands from her brain outrunning the ability of her feet to perform them.

Suletia can't miss Aoriya's frantic chanting. Her attention turns again to the brown, and she sees Azoa with it. Stunned, she can't help but take a step back. A stumbling green and an impressing bronze catches her attention, and she shakes off her fear and awe.

Mara watches the egg collapse, glancing from brown hatchling to brown hatchling. As Azoa falls she tenses, but soon sees the reasons are infinitely positive. "Azoa, congratulations." She waves after the girl, though there could be no chance of her well-wishes being heard amongst the sudden clamor. "And another handsome lad to take his place out there." She notes wryly.

Azoa makes a lame attempt at wiping her nose with her wrist (ew, snot) and looks over at S'yi through runny eyes. "Y-yes, ma'am." Right about now it's easier for her to be led, so overcome by the emotions of the occasion that she can't do much. "We'll sort that hunger out, Y-Yumath, come on."

Windswept Snow on Cinnabar Sands at Sunset Egg sways ever so slightly, in internal wind tipping the whole of the egg over to one side. But, as winds are want to do, the direction of the motion changes into a seemingly slow rotation. Almost like a dancer in painted silk clothing.

Jevsia realizes that she's now exposed on one side, having lost Azoa to the brown, and so starts to edge slightly closer to whoever's on her other side, without making it seem like that big of a deal. But, having learned her lesson from the sneaking brown, even as she focuses on the eggs, she keeps glancing carefully at the hatchlings on the sands.

Srulync takes a step backwards as so many more hatchlings explode onto the sands. So much happening. So much he's getting a a headache. Swiping his forearm across his face, he takes a deep breath. Or maybe it's the heat. Either way, getting out of here before collapse would be a goal.

Neyuni keeps quiet but eyes loudly admire the green which has emerged to the sands. Such an interesting lady, Yuni feels an odd twinge, the first time shes ever considered truly the possibility of actually impressing. To feed such hopes however only feeds what she cant help but feel would be the inevitable crush when alone she remains, and so as she shifts from foot to foot there is that flickering desire fed with each crack of a shell, despite her best attempts to remain aloof to the possibility.

Keziah eyes the bronze that Impressed and then steps back a bit "Shards but he's ugly. Did he get scrambled in his shell or something?" she asks and shakes her head and then shudders "That'll give you nightmares."

Farris wipes a brow of sweat off on the back of her hand, looking parched, and out of breath as eggs explode, and dragons impress all around her. Glancing up, and down the sands, she takes in a deep breath as she straightens up, trying not to feel too woozy. ".. hot out here." She murmurs quietly under her breath as she wets her lips with an easy swipe of her tongue, feeling how rough her mouth is.

Slight bulges turn to gross distortions as the Sand Dunes and Salt Flats egg struggles towards hatching. The ripping barley browns become veritable waves beneath the internal fight until a great snap sounds across the hatching grounds. One long ragged crack runs the length of the egg, marring its cream end brown surface with a shock of white.

From the sands Suletia fidgets impatiently. She doesn't like this, this waiting. Her composure back intact, finally, she scowls. But then the Sand Dunes egg cracks, and Suletia's attention snaps to it. She can't help but wonder what color of dragon that interesting egg holds.

Crystalline Diamond Dust Green Hatchling is slowly gaining grace as she moves, more limber certainly as she rushes across the sands and nearly careens headfirst into a younger lad from Telgar. She barely pauses, merely concentrating on staying upright as she moves and continues her mad headlong rush, toward that line of candidates she can barely see.

Windswept Snow on Cinnabar Sands at Sunset Egg shivers with the motion of an avian ruffling its feathers, puffing out for a moment before settling back down into itself. Drifts of snow grow thicker as the aray of colours begin to chip and fall away all to the rhythm the little one inside has set its dance to. It shall be free soon, very soon.

Canyons Cut by Wind Brown Hatchling slides his head from one side to the next, glancing over the distant white things. Yes. They bear the need of investigation. With a little whoop, he slithers forth, poking towards Farris first, but then just as swiftly he turns away. He's counted coup on her, one could say. But she's not the prisoner he wants. She's not the one to play in the ball court with him. Another, a lad this time in prodded and inspected. Is he the one maybe?

Damaris doesn't like headlong rushes. Headlong rushes are very unfortunate. She moves to both feet now that she's actually, you know, concerned. These do move quickly, don't they. Edging away from the other candidates, despite previous warnings, seems like a good idea at the time. Or maybe she isn't aware she's seperating herself from the pack, as it were.

Farris nudges Suletia slightly, looking fidgety. ".. That Green is barreling towards us kind of fast." She says as she lets go of her friend's hand, flexing her fingers in a slow curl. As the Brown suddenly pokes his muzzle over her way, she straightens up, reaching out to draw her touch along his skin for a moment, before he wanders away. ".. See you later, stud." She murmurs under her breath, her lips twitching. She remembered that egg, one of her favorites. ".. Oh well."

Jevsia obviously needs to pay more attention, as the green nearly takes out one of her fellows, and looking from side to side, she backs up a bit, putting slightly more distance between herself and the ring of eggs. And settling herself comfortably next to younger boy, Trahves, who she seems content to poke, trying to calm her own nerves.

Aoriya freezes at the Canyons Cut by wind brown. "What is he… doing?" She asks Damaris quietly as she gulps. "Its like he's looking for cuts of… meat!" She shivers. "Or… he can't make up his mind at a gather!" She giggles nervously.

Suletia responds to this news by taking a large step back, in the direction of the Bowl entrance. Her feet are sweating, they're so hot. Feet shouldn't sweat. "It might be for you." The woman offers feebly.

Neyuni cant help but smile at the movements of the brown, thats one way to go about it she supposes. It helps to break the stressful monotony of egg and hatchling watching, helping to relax her into the moment.

Crystalline Diamond Dust Green Hatchling stumbles to a skidding stop on the sands, wings even back held to help her as she finds what she's looking for and overshoots her mark. A sharp hiss of pain that is quickly muffled from the hatchling, before she is nudging a brownhaired girl, looking at her adoringly.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Crystalline Diamond Dust Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

One single crack turns to two and then three. Before too long, what once was a shell of rolling brown sand, crystalline crme fields, and glinting mica is now a mass of crack crazed shell. Eventually there is not even enough structure left to keep the Sand Dunes and Salt Flats egg upright. Pieces peel away, falling to the black sands to leave just a shell speckled blue dragon behind.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< A Sign of Manhood Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

From the sands Indigo seeps into the hide along the head and neck of this blue dragon, outlining the hard angles and uneven planes of his head before leading back to the sharp, harsh ridges along his neck and casting them into dark, unrelenting shadows. Striations of color, winding over his ropy muscles and leaving scattered hues in that same deep indigo, wend their way from nearly his muzzletip on down to his shoulders, leaving only a bare mask around his eyes free and a paler blue smudge against the deep indigo. Crisscrosses of color continue, the uneven veiling of indigo striations as it slides against the rest of his rawboned body from his thick shoulders before following along the over the entirety of his length, with its uneven ridges on his back and rather wiry, ropy muscling over his full barrel and flanks. Sunfading occurs slightly, further back and leaving his thick legs and thicker tail a modestly brighter blue, a brighter shade of midnight in the wrinkled shades that shadow his hide. Then, the full expanse of his deeply cloaked wings rise, indigo and midnight blues to collect upon his wingsails in a swarm of dark color to protect him from Rukbat's harsh rays.

Windswept Snow on Cinnabar Sands at Sunset Egg simply opens, as if taking the lid off a teapot. The slime covered dragonet has indeed broken free of his container, and content with this Hunter on the Steppes Bronze Hatchling hums happily for a moment. With an equine like shake, the goo and shell fragments are tossed off. Thats better. Now he is presentable, and now he greets his esteemed dam and sire with a simple, respectful bow, as if he requires their approval before finding his life mate.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Hunter on the Steppes Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A fine example of the immature bronze to every detail. From the almost stubby snout, to the mildly short and overly rounded head knobs, this dragon in miniature does his level best to cut a confidant, dashing figure. Wisps of ruddy cinnabar red and brilliant copper are dusted over the seemingly cooling metal of his bronze hide. If one looks long enough, one can see the red forms the shadows of a simple, quatrefoil flower in what would appear to be a random dispersal. But really, it just looks like the flowers have fallen off some long forgotten wall. The colours darken as they drip down the lines and curves of his limbs and tail, becoming an amazing coppery, burnt umber. For long moments he seems to regard the candidates from afar, watching them from the horizon,choosing his target. Which of them was it that had the best stories to go with the tea? A sudden, overconfident burst sends the Hunter on the Steppes hurtling towards the one he has decided upon. However, mid-gallop the bronze looses his balance and tumbles toe claws over head knobs, landing in a sprawled pile several feet before the boys. "Oh Terbith, don't worry about loosing face already! You've only just hatched!" The hatchling picks himself up, shakes himself off and sighs. « Then I suppose, T'lion we should eat something. Surely we cannot grow together without it. » The fresh pair are approached, with every intention of leading the boy from Igen Hold and his new life mate off the sands. Even if there is some tripping over not so well used limbs along the way.

Very nearly rolling in place, the Mist Over Midnight Egg starts to move from the rhythmic kicking the hatchling inside is doing. As it kicks up a fuss to be hatched and out of there, the shell seems to bulge and roll slightly, wobbling in its spot on the sands.

Aoriya smiles for the the new bronze rider. Her attention whips then to the Mist over midnight egg and then scans the sands for any other eggs hatching. "woah, a blue… cool."

Mara doesn't feel at ease on the sands, but unlike other candidates she gives no voice to the discomforts. One foot shifts slightly, ready to move quickly should a hatchling decide to come at her Focusing enough to catch the bronze's hatching and Impression, she lets her eyes rest briefly on the new pair.

Jevsia is suddenly far away from the heat of the sands, and shivers slightly as she looks down at the pale green nudging her. After a long moment, a slow sigh, and she drops to wrap her arms around the green neck. "/Yxelth/" She sighs again, shaking her head. "I'll always forgive you. I'll make you better.." And, despite her talk, it doesn't seem to matter that the dragonet is green and not gold, as the girl now Jei is totally swept up in the little one's mind.

Srulync brushes his hair away from his face, blinking back to the sands. His gaze lands on the blue. Unprepared, he gapes ever so slightly, "There now. That's something."

The blaze of Rukbat bursts forth from the hatching caverns, seeming to have its source in the Suspended in Fire egg. The egg gives a stately roll coming up face up with the light spearing towards the cavern roof. It then proceeds to a slow, ponderous rocking on its long axis.

Jevsia calls to Yxelth and she bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

S'yi slips away from Oe'lly's side and over to Mara, "Come on Jevsia, you and Yxelth come over here and you can feed her, eh?" she leads them off towards the side of the sands, and yet again… returns to Oe'lly's side.

Farris lets out a fleeting smile as the Green impresses to Jevsia. Reaching up to bite at a fingernail, she yanks it off with a small crack, taking in a deep breath, trying to control her shotty nerves. Sweat pours down along her brow, dripping into her eyes to sting from the salt. With a blurry stare towards Suletia, she glances back out into the desert hatching, trying to keep her stomach calm as it knots up.

Damaris's eyes drag slowly over the sands, coming to rest on the rocking Suspended in Fire egg. That one. And oh yeah, baby dragons.

Neyuni eyes one of her fellows in particular, sure that hell impress out of any of them, but was that a brown that just passed by? How could any dragon not find he a compatible match, in fact what are any of the hatchlings looking for in particular?? Thoughts tumble in odd directions and she has to shake her head a bit to refocus upon the events, a bronzed hatching and impressing in nearly the same breath, reminding herself of those very sharp claws and the awkwardness of the babes that are arriving and wandering the sands.

Suletia takes yet another involuntary step back, though smaller this time. A blue?! How odd. Though fitting. Suletia smiles bracingly, but her face falls for just a moment before she steals herself inwardly. Her outlook becomes stony, though she does have to glance in the direction of Jevsia, the girl who was so sure she'd get gold.

Jei shakes her head slightly, looking up at S'yi and blinking a few times before nodding rather dumbly and leading the green towards the food.

Aoriya jumps at the Suspended in Fire egg and stares. "Wow. Wow." Is all she says, turning this way and that to look around. "I don't know what to look at." She blinks. "There are so many of them!"

Canyons Cut by Wind Brown Hatchling abandons the lad, he is not right either. Nor her, nor her, nor him. It's almost like a game to him, as he pushes this candidate or that, and the rejects them. Watching them with a chuffing chuckle at the dissapointment each feels in his absense. But then he pokes. Then he prods another. One who doesn't seem to be paying him any mind at all. How rude! His tail wraps around her legs, taking her captive.

A Sign of Manhood Blue Hatchling makes a rather arrogant toss of his head as he hatches. A slow unfolding of wings cramped from time spent in the shell and he shakes again, trying to work out the rather painful kinks he's acquired from the long time. Then he slowly begins to move, cautiously, eyeing each thing on the sands with a sudden but wary respect.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Canyons Cut by Wind Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

The rocking of the Suspended in Fire egg gathers in speed and strength till the ends come clear from the black sands. Each time the end returns to the ground it smacks a little harder. The final smack is accompanied by a distinctive *crack*. The shell splits long the point of contact and then comes to rest.

Striations begin to show along the Mist Over Midnight Egg, faint white lines of stress fractures as the pounding inside continues. It continues to wobble, neatly in place even as the frenzy from the one inside reaches a higher pitch.

Theresana has still been standin, quietly, towards the edge of the sands, and has noticed the heat of the sands, engaging in the age old dance as she quietly notes what hatchling comes from what egg, and who each Impresses to. Now where'd that one go… And where's her friend, hidden as he'd been behind the group of candidates.

Neyuni lets out a soft sigh, the back of her hand dabbing some sweat from her brow. These things always seemed to happen so fast when she was watching from the galleries, but now, now it seems to be dragging on forever. That unreal slow-motion action one finds oneself trapped into during important moments, and this is certainly one step in her lifes journey she wont be forgetting anytime soon. The occasional glance does go to the ledges above the sands, as if searching for her parents dragons.

Suletia glances up as more Impression sounds split the air. She watches the journey of the blue that came from the Sand Dunes egg, her face still set.

From the sands Srulync steals a quick glance over who and how many are left before looking back to watch the blue's progress quietly. He's building for what could be a painful let down at this rate.

Mara is still once more, crossing her arms in that stoic manner. Her eyes narrow to almost nothing, focusing on something in the distance. Her fingers twitch and her feet try to shuffle, but there's something … something… "Hey!" She coughs in surprise, arms windmilling as she comes crashing down beside the sneaky brown. "That's the only way you're ever getting me down here, Coatlcuazith! Crawling around in the…" She blinks. "In the sand." She can only stare, her silence now from emotion rather than lack of it.

A Sign of Manhood Blue Hatchling is very, very carefully picking his way across the sands, glancing up now and then into the faces of the candidates that he passes and giving them all a set amount of consideration. Moving slowly, albeit rather steadily along the line of candidates as he searches, painfully quiet in his looking.

Mara calls to Coatlcuazith and he bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

The shell rapidly falls apart on the Mist Over Midnight Egg, shards collapsing in a circle around a oddly shaded green hatchling. She looks slightly confused, dizzy from her sudden exit into the light and she simply rests for a long moment after she hatches.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Water in the Desert Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

From the sands Large for her size, she is slightly ungainly and seemingly rather bottom heavy with thick limbs and overly lengthy tail that seems to drag behind. Pure green colors along her top, decorating along her ridges and splashing her headknobs, only to fade into olive drab tones the further it spreads done her body. Still, once she gets to moving her awkward shape doesn't seem to hinder her all that much as she makes a headlong push for young lad born to the weyr. She reaches young Trahves, even as he is almost pushed behind a few of the other candidates, buffeting them with her wings to get to him. "Oh, Lendith. I would have stepped forward, if I'd known." Then Tr'ves, turns to lead his new partner off for dinner. "It's right this way."

Hatching can only be delayed so long and the Suspended in Fire egg has gotten all its rest. So there can be little surprise when movement returns to the cracked end of the egg. A mixture of taps, thumps, and rattles seem to work the broken end free while cracking down the long axis as well. Finally the end gives way and rolls aside. The shell splits across the center, falling neatly away to reveal the newly hatched gold.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Desert Sentry Gold Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Majestic strength softened by grace, this compact queen somehow seems larger then life. Though short in length, she's long of leg and has a powerful physic. Her face is blocky, with a rounded hump covered by a bronze patch at the stop. The base is a pale gold from throatlatch to nose tip. Delicate bronze ribbons run from liquid eyes to a matching bronze band encircling her muzzle. Great spiring head knobs spring skyward as molten gold horns. Her neck is short but thick with large, defined muscles. It melds into an equally muscular set of shoulders and chest built for speed and endurance. Her back is broad and so short the heavy haunches seem almost to reach her wings. She masses a light, sandy gold, hued gently with red across neck, back, and tail, and a single band of bronze runs her dorsal line. Pale gold returns on the long, powerful legs and taut belly. Both are encircled by strokes of bronze and her paws tipped with talons of molten gold. The wings are vast, heavy boned with massive sails to counteract her weight. They glitter sandy gold in the sunlight and sport a trim of bronze along the sail edge.

With a triumphant cry the Water in the Desert Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Farris offers up a quick whoop to Mara as she impresses, offering a wave of her hand in good-bye, before allowing her gaze to fall back towards the roaming Blue, then soon a Green that hatches. The Bronze is carefully watched as he wanders, but she already knows that he is not for her.

With a triumphant cry the Hunter on the Steppes Bronze Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

There is a light tremor that disturbs the Long Way Home Egg's slumber. The barest of movements which soon becomes a rapid ticking, the pale ovoid tumbling from its safe groove in the sand. It lands length-wise, the sound of claws scrabbling frantically against the shell grating to the ears. Then..there's silence again, the hatchling within taking a rest.

Black Sands Like Black Waters Egg shifts in the sands a little, making its own place in it's corner of the sands. In fact, with its black sandy surface, it makes itself right at home there, just black silt against the golden sands around it.

Suletia freezes as she catches sight of gold. "Oh." She breathes softly. "I didn't think there'd be…" But of course there would be, with the Weyr only having two golds and all. Suletia looks at her mournfully, then drops Farris's hand. Mara she only now realizes is gone.

Damaris can't help it. Her mouth falls open. That is unsightly. But look! Who would have thought, out of that wildly drumming egg, a gold. Then it occurs to her how she must look, so agape, and she presses her mouth into a thin line and quickly wipes her sweating palms on the white of her robe.

A Sign of Manhood Blue Hatchling stops finally, wavering for a long moment as he appears to consider, glancing both forward and then back along the pathway that he took. Still he doesn't move forward and then finally, eye contact is made with a brown haired lad, staring into dull green eyes.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the A Sign of Manhood Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Aoriya is trembling at the gold, and the two remaining eggs, and her eyes are on the blue. Her jaw is quivering both in desperation, tension, awe, hope, Then the blue hatchling has found his partner, appearantly, and her attention turns to the gold, watching, eyes round.

Long Way Home's protests begin again, jerking violently in place. Puffs of effort can be heard, grunting from within the confines of that shell before the tension finally snaps, and cracks appear on the flawless surface. There comes a rush of air from the breach, before fluid begins to seep through the thin crevices. Not long now, just one more push…

Black Sands like Black Waters Egg vibrates again, kicking up dust and shell fragments as once again shifts and settles then shifts again. Shimmers of dark liquid peek at the edges of lightning streaked lines that course over the surface, but the tension holds. For the moment.

Keziah watches the gold and looks thoughtful. She's gone a bit horse with what cheerings she's done and well the sands are just seeming hotter and hotter. She wipes some sweat off her brow.

Desert Sentry Gold Hatchling struggles slowly to her feet. Her motions are careful and tentative as the cramped quarters of her egg keep her limbs so tightly compacted until now. Her wings spread, shaking off the last of her egg shards and freeing them to the warmth of the sands. Now her head rises to look towards the gathered white line. She waits, wings spread and legs locked, just looking the grouping over as if hunting. Her eyes whirl slightly faster and turn a deeper red.

Farris works her jaw a bit as she watches the Gold stride along the sands, taking a tight swallow in her throat. "Mm.. she's.. beautiful." She murmurs to herself, using her arm to wipe more sweat from her face as she studies the large dragonet. ".. bet she's yours, Sully." She whispers.

Damaris dislikes being hunted, didn't she say so? With both feet planted firmly in the sand and a readiness in her, she looks like at any moment she's ready to bolt. That one, that one is trouble.

Theresana looks arround the sands, muttering to herself, "Two eggs left, looks like I'm going free from this one yet." She's watching the sands and Urri, and has missed the gold, standing behind a small group of candidates as she is. but then gasps and such from the croud and a few candidates alert her, and she walks forward a little, and looks at the gold, and she sighs, stepping back again behind the depleted group.

Suletia glances at her friend over her should. "Ridiculous." She replies, her back still pointedly turned to the gold. "What gold would be silly enough to want me? I'm only good enough to lead the Caverns. I'm of half a mind to go and ask Oe'lly for my knot back right now. My dragon hasn't been shelled. She won't be." Suletia doesn't move, though, she just stands there resolutely.

Srulync's breath catches in his throat as the blue looks at him. Not just a surprise but complete wash of electricity. Oddly, this shifts to a suspicious look towards the weyrling exit, "You're right." He clears his throat before announcing rather proudly, "His name is Oth." Make a note of it.

S'lync calls to Oth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Neyuni squeezes the sides of her robe, more to allow the fabric to soak up some of the sweat from her palms than any nervousness. In fact, its a bit of yawn that escapes as she watches the goldlings progress, there isnt much else to watch anyhow as the blue impresses. It seems a good time to steal a glance again to the ledges, searching among the dragon forms for those most familiar to her and expression brightens as she catches sight of several.

From the sands Aoriya shudders. Just like that, there's the gold, the egg, and the creepy black egg. She stares nervously at it. "I am not food. I am not food. I am not food." She repeats as she edges /away/ from the black egg, despite some distance between her and it.

The next heave comes at a kick, the bottom half of the Long Way Home egg splintering off, and bouncing off of another nearby egg. Brown feet flail in the air for a moment, a lengthy tail flopping out afterward before the hatchling inside finally manages to wriggle around enough to right himself, and toss the rest of the remaining shell free.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Divine Passage of Flame Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A fire begins at the tip of this dragon's muzzle. Bright yellow slices in rivers across the length of a shapely snout, backed on burning wood beneath it. Charred lands stretch upward and over defined eyeridges and headknobs, that splotch of night diving down the back of a thick neck as it fades. Beneath the steady whirl of faceted eyes, those brighter streaks extend, fanning downward and into a nearly blinding flash of white-hot heat at the curve of his chest, before that light finally drops back, swept away on the slender frame. He is a lanky creature, thin in places, yet there is a perfection about his stucture, each piece flowing right into the next. Hues of brown peek out, deep chocolate dribbling down across the forearms. As talons appear, however, more fire licks upward, curling about in whisps around each paw. Billowing wings remain in the darkness, each sail a mixture of ruddy clay and mud, swirling ever so delicately on the membranes. Haunches bulge with their musculature, rippling waves of deep sienna trickling their way down and over a slight rise, before crashing down the length of an overly long tail tipped with a drop of crackling fire.

Black Sands Like Black Waters Egg finally decides it's time for it to come into this great, if overly bright world. It pulses to an unheard rhythm, pushing the cracked edges of the shell further and further apart, like sand falling away from itself, water sliding over black silt. Right at the climax of this silent music, everything pauses dramatically waiting for just the right beat to break the surface tension. The bursting of this egg sends the little one inside forth, riding a dark tide into this strange, dry and overly brilliant new world. Somehow he manages to right himself, though still suffering a little vertigo admittedly. From nose tip to tail tip Sunburnt Child of the Desert Blue Hatchling shakes himself free of the last vestiges of the other world - the dark egg world. Perhaps he aught to find his guide?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Sunburnt Child of the Desert Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Drenched in a basecoat of simple cornflower blue, the merry colour does nothing really to disguise the fact that this youngling is but a slip of a dragon. The rounded edges of his wedge shaped head, though elegant in their own way, are the first indication that this one was not built to reflect exact porportions. As if to highlight the raised areas of muzzle, head knobs and neck, a dusting of ruddy violet seems to shine in it's dark way. Almost the way a sunburn might glow upon the skin. Sliding down from the head, his sleek and slender neck flows down in a continuation of the cornflower blue, slowly transitioning into a showing of randomly spangled streaks of cyan and black-blue silt along his shoulders. These touches of cyan sand and black-blue silt wrap up and over the small, well shaped wings, blending into the background and foreground colours in little patterns like distant constellations. Slightly larger than normal haunches are well toned and keep the flow of his body going as the hide shifts back towards the original cornflower blue. One might think that this expanded scale might continue when one considered the thickness of the tail at it's base. Until one realized the abruptness with which the spade had been set, this blue's sunburnt and freckled tail only being around a third of what it's length aught to be.


Keziah her gaze stays on the gold, though she's certainly wary of the actions. But then, it's always good to be wary of any dragonets actions. Apt to get mauled if you're not. A glance towards the other eggs as they hatch.. She then grins at the looks of the blue and laughs.

Aoriya squeeks at the brown. "How cute!" She cries as he hatches upside down. "oh I hope he didn't hit his head. And I hope that blue doesn't eat me!" She giggles. Almost over, almost over. Her fists are clenched in excitement. Her eyes are bright!

Desert Sentry Gold Hatchling has the patience of the young and so she isn't able to remain waiting on her prey long. It's the sound of the last eggs hatching around her that sends her moving. From completely still to a good trot, the little gold starts down the line towards the candidates. She seems to have a good idea whom she's headed for, not stopping at anyone along the way. Even if not all the attention is on her, all her attention is one the one and so she arrives. She stops, waits patiently for about half a millisecond and then croons a coy little call to her newly choosen.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Desert Sentry Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Neyuni does admire the brown, then blue, as the final eggs reveal their secrets, looking appraisingly over each that has emerged. Not bad, not bad, interesting lines will be as captivating to watch them grow, as much as it is now to watch as the brown and blue search for that perfect partner among the white clad visitors to these hallowed grounds.

Divine Passage of Flame Brown Hatchling remains in the broken fragments of his shell for a moment, making sure that the world is indeed right-side-up. Nothing like hatching into a dizzy mess. A snort of air sends egg-goop from the brown's nostrils, however, and his head raises. Oh. His jaws part, letting out a commanding little trumpet as he moves away from his broken cage. Such a shoddy line those candidates are standing in. He should fix it.

Suletia marches over to Oe'lly, ignoring the gold's Impression. "Well?" She demands. "Have I proved to you my ability to keep myself away from alcohol?"

Aoriya is spellbound over both hatchlings. But the brown gets her eyes lighting. "he's so cute! He's so cute and cuddly! Look at him!" She squeaks. "I mean look! That blue's okay I guess, but."

Sunburnt Child of the Desert Blue Hatchling steps cautiously from the bits of his egg and gives a mighty shake… which is really, really cute from such a tiny little blue. Bold and adventurous, of course, he takes a few more steps forward and fans his wings just a little to dislodge the silty black egg stuff before folding them back.

Keziah can't help but giggle at the blues actions, well just goes to show, don't judge a dragon by his egg and all that. "He's a cute one all right."

Farris blinks her eyes at the impression, though Suletia storming of catches her attention. Suddenly, she finds herself.. very much alone. Biting her bottom lip, she wraps her arms around herself as her feet poke at the sand a bit, whispering. "… still.. real hot out here." She scratches her arm slightly for a moment, before sighing to herself. The Brown and Blue is still watched carefully though.

Divine Passage of Flame Brown Hatchling starts poking around once he's close enough, his tail thwacking against an errant boy's legs. Pft, stand up straight! As he moves along, however, the brown's head tilts at the sound of girlish..squealing. What /is/ that? There's a hefty snort then, and a growl as he hurries right along, before poking his flame-coated nose toward a black-haired girl. Oh he'll show her cute…

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Divine Passage of Flame Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Flame erupts quite suddenly across your psyche, a billowing shadow looming on the edge. A glimmer of metal flickers brightly, sparks flying off the forge as things begin to solidify. Curiosity wavers, rippling as the flames flicker…and slowly mute into a gentle glow. « You there.. We could make it to the top, you and I. Aoriya, won't you come with your Omasuth? »

Theresana watches and grins a small grin at the blue, noting only briefly as the gold Impresses to Neyuni. She nods as she overhears the coments on the curteness of the blue, and she grinsa gain at the Impression of the brown.

Neyuni is looking away, not paying attention as she really should when a coy little croon sounds all to close by. Eyes turn again to the front and center only to find themselves lost in the rush of something beyond her imagining. Its amazement that mingles with the rush of disbelieving joy as she stares back at the goldling before her. Err, uhh. Yknow, I hadnt much noticed. Glance goes to the far side of the sands and the other lings Youre first meal Im sure. Cmon, lets get you some Zuhth.

Aoriya jumps about a mile into the air, "Omasuth!! Oh yes! To the top and back again we'll go. We'll fly to the moon and never look back!" She says fervently to the brown.

From the sands Neyuni calls to Zuhth and she bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

As Aoriya and Neyuni both impress, then strides off the sands, Farris looks over towards Damaris for a moment, taking in a deep breath. She studies the other 'Alpha' Female for a moment, before allowing her gaze to drift towards the last dragon on the sands, offering up a tiny smile. Cute, definitely cute. Full of energy.

Oe'lly has just returned to his place in the 'holding pattern' area for the leadership/weyrlingmaster area as Suletia marches to confront him. He blinks a little, surprised at the sudden upfrontery. "I reckon you have, but I'll have to talk to Sianne and J'io about matter. It's not really something we've discussed." Largely because he's kinda been avoiding the Weyrwoman in the last couple of months or more. Today is the longest he's spent in her presence in a long while.

Sunburnt Child of the Desert Blue Hatchling seems to be the last one on the sands, but he's bold and brave, he can handle being here alone. Well, he's not alone is he. Trundling through the sands, he waves his stubby tail and then starts inspecting the candidates. Poking girls, boys…whatever is in his way. Come out, come out… wherever you are! Slide, slips, slide… Down the line. Sniffing here and there and…stopping just as suddenly. Hey….

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Sunburnt Child of the Desert Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Suletia opens her mouth to protest, she very nearly does. She raises her arms, makes a shrill noise in the back of her throat, and walks quickly but proudly from the Hatching Sands as the blue Impresses. Her back is ramrod straight, and her entire posture screams "annoyance."

Sianne offers a look to those candidates left on the sands, moving over to J'ios side she leans upward and whispers something into the teens ear before moving away. Clearing her throat, Si looks around at those still left standing "I know all of you had hopes of finding your lifemates out here and I am truely sorry that you didn't. We here at Igen have been proud to have you here with us and would be more then happy to have all of you that wish to stay here stay." She pauses to look over and up at her lifemate. "Sakrienth wishes to Thank you for being here when her children broke shell." She stops and looks about again. "For those of you wishing to return to your holds or weyrs, riders will be available to take you home. Again we are sorry that your lifemates were not out here but perhaps they will lay within another clutch here at Igen or within a clutch at another weyr." With a fond smile and a lifted hand that brushes away a stray tear or two, Sianne turns quietly around to lean against her lifemate with her back to the sands. Exhaustion shows in her stance as she finally gathers herself together and moves towards the small side cavern to speak with the weyrs new batch of weyrling riders.

Watching Suletia stride off the sand quickly, Farris feels her bottom drop, anger flashing over her eyes as well. She just got abandoned by her best friend, left here to rot in the hot Igen sands. A wave of emotion floods over her as she takes in a deep breath, before finding the voice tickle in the back of her head. Glancing over quickly towards the Blue who stares at her, humming in a full blown symphony into her mind, she reaches up to stroke her fingers along his blue jawline, working her bottom lip for a moment, before pulling him into a hug. The dam cracks as a tear spills down her cheek with a soft, subtle sob, as if she was just broken by Suletia's quick departure. "I'll sing you all the songs you want to hear, Sak'." She murmurs quietly, before straightening up, turning her features rigid, and stone walled.

Keziah watches the blue Impress and she then runs her fingers through her hair. She takes a breath as she surveys the broken shards. "Well. That's that." she murmurs as she watches the last of the people head off. She glances over towards the Weyrwoman and then the Gold. She gives deep bow "My thanks for letting me be here and all. But I'm guessin I'll be happy to get back to Reaches and all." she notes. Yeah, she's disappointed, but well. She'll live and all.

S'yi offers Oe'lly a grin and nods to the stands, "You should go find Oeshyvan…Uhm, I'll meet you for lunch, or dinner in a bit, alright?" and sliding towards Farris, she grins down at the pair. "Congrats, Farris…and you too Sarkith.. Let's go get some food and head to the barracks, alrighty?" the older rider comments, starting to lead the pair from the sands.

J'io has had his eyes on those eggs..and only those eggs. Or really..the dragonets. Since now, those eggs are in little pieces all over the place. He does, however, slowly start to relax once the last of the newly impressed pairs heads off with the Weyrlingmasters, positively deflating. "Wow.." And..there Sianne goes! The Weyrleader blinks for a moment, before following after the goldrider, giving a vague nod right along with her words.

Theresana walks along the edge over to her friend, grinning and comferting him. She's grinning, still free! And so she walks over, time to get her stuff… And then head home to have a little freetime with all her pets!

Oe'lly watches Suletia storm off and he sighs. "I think I have to go be Second, first….." Granted, he hasn't noticed that S'yi's gone off too, since he's staring off after the former headwoman.

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