The Istan Saga Continues

See the Healers help funnel Xanadu Goods

The Weyrleaders at Ista Weyr have been sending out their gratitude for the aid from their allies, Fort Weyr among them especially with the Weyrleader's strong connection with his home Weyr. Overcrowding in the Weyr hasn't been forgotten with most of the injured brought there for protection, even Weyrwoman Ysa putting efforts in helping with the Healers with her past knowledge in the craft. The sudden overabundance of aid from the Healers, though, have begun to over stress the workers of the Weyr, many supplies being left out for the rains to rot before they can be distributed.

However, word is spreading of the suspicious antics Xanadu Weyr had pulled, many traveling holdbred folk have begun to spread rumors of the thieving riders of the south. The animosity of their Weyr, even listening from the many riders of allied Weyrs they have recently been in contact with, and the news of Xanadu's involvement in letting loose dangerous criminals has not gone unnoticed; the efforts of Ista against Xanadu has at least helped sate the anger a lot of Holders have against dragonriders and the Weyr. With little being exported as it is from the island, those that have begun to reestablish trade routes to earn income have boycotted any relations with the technological Weyr.

Meanwhile survivors are still being found, aftershocks are still being felt, and some places that have withstood the major earthquake are starting to come apart. Riders are still scouring and helping with reuniting weyrfolk, many in the Weyr having been separated by family, and the people trying to be kept as calm as possible with the extra vigilance of watchriders and guards alike. Several arrests have already been made, sneaking riders and holders as rumors go. Whether they have actually been detained as guilty suspects is not known, but it has definitely not stopped those that are taking advantage of being thieves.

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