Earthquake on Ista Island

The days in Ista Weyr have been quiet outside of the occasional storm of the season. Most riders have been back out on duty and the Holders calmed with the additional help that the island has been getting from Fort Weyr, though watchriders are still reporting any seismic activity back to the Weyr in case of an emergency. The danger, though, was believed to have passed.

The first call came out from watchrider G'sin over in Ista Hold reporting a severe earthquake, which was immediately followed by the urgent cry for help from a closer watchrider stationed in a smaller hold, a small fishing hold known as Redtide Hold located between Ista Hold and Weyr. Greenrider Fl'ip watched from the skies as half the cliff-side hold caved in. While a good number of the Hold was outside during the sunny day, many were still trapped in the tunnels and rooms or worse under the main cave in. Search and Rescue riders immediately were dispatched from the Weyr, helping to dig through the rubble and to help the injured back to the Weyr where Healers were being assembled.

Over the following days, efforts to dig people out will continue, Ista asking for help from the Healer Craft as well as their allied Weyrs. The refugees of Redtide are making their temporary home in Ista Weyr, along with their Lord Holder and his family, cramped in quarters in the already small Weyr. Ista Hold is also taking in other refugees from smaller cotholds that have faced disaster during this earthquake, further aftershocks still rocking buildings along the south side of the island.

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