An Ode to a Gardener Nearly Drowned

For the RP log see: Running Into Trouble

Escaped from his groom, one day a runner by chance
Chose the Beach for the stage of his freedom dance.
In ignorance did the animal charge,
Not knowing that Cenlia there was at large.
Its course to the water passed the gardener perchance,
Where she stood in its way as if in a trance.
She grasped the lead rope at the groom's command,
Got pulled into the water, rope tangled 'round her hand.
This would have been the end of the story,
If not for a bronzerider in need of some glory,
Who meekly followed Zevida's direction,
(since she called his bravery into question)
Into the lake to save Cenlia from drowning
Because he couldn't endure the weyrwoman's frowning.
Upon its back leapt the would-be hero,
Tho riding the thing, his help amounted to zero.
Thea was there hanging onto the halter,
Ruin bit the nag's ear and its course he did alter.
Towards the shore with Cenlia still in tow,
In peril of being planted deep in a sand furrow.
Here ends the flight of the freedom-seeking nag,
Seryth nabbed it for lunch though she didn't bag
X'hil, who fell off with one of its head-tosses
(he dashed back with a knife, freed his friend in the process).
Zevida and Thea also safe from Seryth's maw
They let go the runner before she could chaw.
The moral I'm sure is certainly clear,
Beware the gardener when animals are near!

~Written by Thea, Gold Seryth's Rider

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