The Candidates are on a field trip to the Yokohama and have just entered the Cargo Bay from .Between. Rylavi's checkin' for what might be missing pose prompted the following ooc and is included for context:

Startled by the sudden lack of weight, Rylavi panics. Her eyes widen and her breath comes in short, less-than-useful gasps. Thankfully, the rider who brought her is fairly understanding of the shock and allows her the moment or two she needs to calm herself and realize that no, she's not dying. Just for an instant, her head pops into the neck of her jacket as if to make sure she's all here. When everything checks out, she heaves a heavy, slightly shaky sigh and - once she's un-buckled from her straps - gently pushes off, same as everyone else. Man, this is /weird/.

<OOC> Thea snickers! Didn't loose a boob on the way up?
<OOC> Ashkeia cackles!
<OOC> Relion offers to spot-check?
<OOC> Rylavi sticks her tongue out at Relion.
<OOC> Relion grins.
<OOC> Thea snickers. Who needs plastic surgery?
<OOC> Rylavi isn't crazy, promise!
<OOC> Ashkeia, disappointed. Crazy is fun! ;)

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