Back-Logging and Cooties

2am (CST) has rolled around, after Natishen asked for a scene at 11:30 or midnight…

<OOC> Natishen yawns hugely. Okay. 3AM, I think I'm a pumpkin now.
<OOC> Phylicia giggles. You started it. ;)
<OOC> Natishen looks cute. ;)
<OOC> Phylicia smooches.
<OOC> Natishen will pose out once Sat poses. Is anyone else logging?
<OOC> Phylicia can backlog really quick, if need be. I have little else in my buffer. ;)
<OOC> Natishen nods. I'll have it logged up until the time I close SimpleMU*. But nothing past that, obviously.
<OOC> Phylicia says, "Noes! You must keep logging past closing the program!"
<OOC> Natishen cries. I canna do it, captain! I canna bend the laws of physics!
<OOC> Phylicia dies.
<OOC> Natishen beams (up). ^^
<OOC> Phylicia beats. Bad Nash. Bad. XD
<OOC> Natishen owwws! Damnit, Phy, I'm a little boy, not a puppy! *ducks and hides*
<OOC> Phylicia says, "I kick puppies, not beat them. ;) I only beat the ones I love."
<OOC> Natishen eyes. Now you sound like my mother-in-law. ;)
<OOC> Phylicia bats her eyelashes cutely. When a girl hits you she liiiiiiikes you.
<OOC> Natishen looks suspicious. Girls have cooties.
<OOC> Phylicia says, "Would you prefer we rub against you like cats marking what's theirs? XD"
[Xanadu Weyr] Satoris returns. ;.;l
<OOC> Natishen's head asplodes.
[Xanadu Weyr] Natishen clings. Oh, thank god you're back. She's threatening me with beatings and cooties!
[Xanadu Weyr] Phylicia giggles.

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