Ri-Man and the Masters of Pern?!

The candidates in survival camp were dropped off in groups at random locations near the survival camp and told to find their way back. Rio ended up with with Avani, Osric, and later, Phylicia with NPCs Jammar and Litze. A comment was made that we might be expected to just walk in circles all day until we hollered for help. Rio was having none of that, and claimed he would tame a wild feline and ride it back into camp if necessary. This prompted the following dialogue:

<OOC> Avani peers. Battlecar?
<OOC> Avani says, "*cat?"
<OOC> Phylicia grins. You're not a nightelf. Dismount, man. ;P
<OOC> Rio says, "Oh geez. I'm dated. XD He-Man!"
<OOC> Rio says, "He-Man's green and orange-striped feline mount was named Battlecat. XD"
<OOC> Phylicia says, "I was more a She-Ra fan. ;)"
<OOC> Rio is /so/ going to put that on the boards; making an obvious reference that falls on its face is hilarious. XD

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