OOC Amusements

<OOC> Cenlia wrote the shortest pose ever
<OOC> F'yr says, "Oh? XD"
<OOC> Cenlia says, "The pose was: It's a potato."
<OOC> F'yr says, "XD"
<OOC> Cenlia was cracking up out loud for a full minute afterward *snicker*
<OOC> F'yr definitely has to read it now. Just to know what's potato. XD
<OOC> Cenlia snickerfits

<OOC> F'yr flops back.
<OOC> Cenlia flips!
<OOC> F'yr flaps!
<OOC> Cenlia flups!
<OOC> F'yr fleps!
<OOC> Cenlia runs out of vowels!
<OOC> F'yr flyps!
<OOC> F'yr :D
<OOC> Cenlia snickers XD
<OOC> F'yr wins. XD

<OOC> Cenlia says, "John Hart ftw!"
<OOC> X'hil grins. Should be home … tomorrow. Ish. Maybe. ;p
<OOC> Cenlia laughs
<OOC> Cenlia forgot she had a John Hart firelizard
<OOC> X'hil has to get to the pet store tomorrow, book appointment for cat Monday, take cat to vet on whatever day the appointment is… and then /finally/ be home home home, huzzah
<OOC> Cenlia says, "No you were the wife!"
<OOC> X'hil plans to go home tomorrow anyway, and come back for vet thing. ;p
<OOC> Cenlia XD
X'hil says "Oh but I was a /good/ wife!"
<OOC> X'hil says, "… ooc"
<OOC> Cenlia lols!
<OOC> Cenlia just dies laughing
<OOC> X'hil just … dies.
<OOC> Cenlia wishes she were logging, that's one for the quotes page ;)
<OOC> X'hil says, "Nooo."
<OOC> Cenlia sneakily adds it >.>

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