Superhero Squad

<OOC> Zahleizjah notes in the cheesiest of nerd voice that it coudl be IncrediKale and Super-Sori… sooo baddd I knoww

<OOC> Kale dies. XD

<OOC> Soriana says, "…well… if we ever need to be a crimefighting team…"

<OOC> Kale says, "Xanadu will be safe under our watch!"

<OOC> Zahleizjah snickerfits.. too funny.. *ponders one for Rissa*

<OOC> Soriana says, "Evildoers quail! Malfeasants flee! It's IncrediKale and Super-Sori!"

<OOC> Kale supershines with a cape and stuff!

<OOC> Soriana says, "Zahl the Val-iant!"

<OOC> Soriana says, "And IdrisSavior of the Universe."

<OOC> Kale says, "That'll work. Now to work on her costume.."

<OOC> Zahleizjah giggles… Idrisavior of the universe is goooddd!!

<OOC> Soriana says, "I'm thinking spangles. Lots and lots of spangles."

<OOC> Zahleizjah says, "You two crack me up :) I could probably listen to this banter forever.. *system shutdowns and ZzZz's*"

Zahleizjah has disconnected.

<OOC> Kale says, "Omg Idrissa is still here XD"

<OOC> Kale says, "She shall see all this when she wakes up in the morning"

<OOC> Soriana says, "And she will know her new superhero identity!"

<OOC> Kale says, "Crimefighting shall commence tomorrow"

<OOC> Soriana says, "Seriously. This Candidate thing is just our cover identities."

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