Preying Mantis Syndrome

[Xanadu Weyr] Tazemi looks at the caverns and then looks away. Is there a scene that won't eat my soul and entire brain?

[Xanadu Weyr] Soriana: We won't eat your soul! Only… chew on it a bit. >.>

[Xanadu Weyr] Tazemi is still semi-cranky. I dun feel like big scene.

[Xanadu Weyr] Soriana: Quite understable, I was just teasing. :)

[Xanadu Weyr] Mikal: Of course she was teasing but naturally she really does eat souls.

[Xanadu Weyr] Tazemi chews on Sori's soul.

[Xanadu Weyr] Soriana is verra chewy. Like taffy. She squeaks, and… "Shhhh! You're not supposed to /tell/ them, Mikal! Sheesh."

[Xanadu Weyr] Mikal scuffs his feet. "You didn't tell me /not/ too!"

[Xanadu Weyr] Soriana: …but… okay, I didn't. I suppose I can let it slide. This time.

[Xanadu Weyr] Tazemi: It's one of those things. We're never supposed to know when a woman is actually a preying mantis.

[Xanadu Weyr] Tazemi: P.M.s? … >.>

[Xanadu Weyr] Soriana: More than meets the eye!

[Xanadu Weyr] A'dmar snerks

[Xanadu Weyr] Hotaru: Preying mantis syndrome? D:

[Xanadu Weyr] Idrissa: Transformers!

[Xanadu Weyr] Tazemi: More deadly than you think.

[Xanadu Weyr] Tazemi: Especially to males.

[Xanadu Weyr] Tazemi: Somehow I don't think I'm going to make it out of this search cycle alive…

[Xanadu Weyr] Soriana: There /have/ been cases of zombie around here. Just sayin'.

[Xanadu Weyr] Hotaru pokes at Sori's brain

[Xanadu Weyr] Soriana eeeps! Her precious brainmeats! She goes… twitchy.

[Xanadu Weyr] Hotaru: Squeedily-spooge!

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